Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Camping season is upon us.  Our family just loves to pull out the tent and all the gear and head out to the mountains or lake and camp.  Yes, we are the family that gets together and loves the outdoors, including our dogs.  In preparation for camping, we make sure all our gear is functional and in total working condition.  In fact, most of our gear is used at times in and around the house when needed.
Since the weather here today was going to be nasty based on what the local weather man stated, we decided as a family to head over to Academy Sports and check out the camping equipment (aka:  window shop but in the store).   We came across a Magellan Outdoors, Bryce Canyon II Cabin Tent.  The size 17’ X 9’, sleeps 8, original price $99.99, sale price $69.88.  Through a long discussion, we decided that we needed a new tent not because our tent was bad but because we just needed more space to get around.    When you get up there in age as some of us, you really don’t want to be lying directly on the ground.  It’s time for the good old queen size, double stacked blowup mattress.  Then of course your kids or guests also need their own space and potentially their own blowup mattress too.
Tomorrow we will be setting up the tent to ensure that we have a totally functional tent with all the parts included.

Camping here we come!!!  Hope to see ya’ll one day up in the mountains or at the lake. Enjoy your evening.


  1. Don't forget the blow up mattress for BEANS!

    1. King Pup always has a bed, he's so spoiled. LOL!!!