Friday, April 29, 2016

Go North Young Man!!! TORNADO

Blogger friends, this afternoon around 3:30PM a tornado struck several small towns west of us and continued a path toward our town.  We made an executive decision to run (evacuate) north.  Bulldog Man and I snatched up the animals, grabbed our large medic bag, guns, jackets, and other personal belongings (insurance, money, bills) and haul butt out of the path of the tornado.  

We ended up heading north with all of our electronic equipment (equipment to track tornadoes and emergencies) away from the severe winds, hail, and the TORNADO.  In a matter of minutes, the tornado passed our home; we had no damage, just a lot of water (rain) and evidence of hail. 
Saying a prayer for those affected, and those in the path of this tornado/weather.

God Bless!

 P.S. Our son Tank was down in south Oklahoma, when the storm rolled through, working Bulls on the Ranch.  He was okay, no severe weather down where he was at.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Seeds and Other Trivial Matters

One week after planting seeds, and getting all kinds of rain, the sun occasionally popping out; some of my seeds started sprouting. 
Here’s a brief look at some of the Purple Podded Pole Beans, and my Kentucky Wonder Bush.

The cucumbers are coming in nicely.  Eventually when they reach about 2 inches, I will thin each ceramic pot out allowing the healthy seedling the appropriate space to grow.

My Yukon Gold potatoes were also planted last week, and with all the rain, one of the tires had a little seedling popping out of the soil.  I went to place straw over the top of the seedling, and when I placed my hand down in the tire, a baby copperhead snake came out of the soil at the edge of the tire and attempted to get my hand.  I dropped everything, and ran over to get my shovel.  By the time I got back that darn copperhead went back into the soil, down in a hole.  Now I’m going to really have to be careful around my tires, and carry the shovel with me at all times.  

Here’s a picture of my strawberries.  I got rid of some of the old plants, and planted new ones in place of the old ones.  This season, I down-sized everything in my garden…..including the strawberries.

As you can see the strawberry plants are already producing strawberries, not enough to harvest and put away….YET!!!!

Here’s a picture of the volunteer cabbage plants which continued to grow through the winter.  I’m waiting to see if they’ll grow large enough to harvest.

In addition to the cabbage, I also have volunteer celery.  Part of the celery died off with the cold winter, the other part decided to continue to flourish.  It looks like I’ll be able to harvest a good bunch of celery to eat for the next several weeks.  

Here are last year’s chives, still growing and are now starting to seed.
My next post, I’ll talk about the tomato and pepper plants we’ve planted in the raised beds and the herbs which continue to grow from last season.

I also completed two more crochet blankets, and several dish cloths to add to my kitchen collection.  Here’s a picture of one of the finished blankets.  I’m not showing the other larger blanket, because it’s meant as a gift to my sister.  My sister reads my blog; I don’t want her seeing the completed project…..she’ll have to wait :-)

Other updates, Bulldog Man will be going in for another MRI on his lower spine tomorrow.  About 1 ½ weeks ago he bent down to pickup his backpack for work, and when he did, he pulled his back.  Bulldog Man is a disabled veteran, we knew somewhere down the line he would have to have additional surgeries.  We’ve been trying to put them off as long as possible.  Now we need to see what’s going on, and meet with the neurosurgeon to determine a plan of action.  No complaints, life continues on.