Thursday, December 27, 2018

You Won't Believe It......I'm Back!

It's sure been a while, and I have plenty to share, however it won't be in just one blog post.

In May, my husband, Bulldog Man and I traveled to Dallas to see our youngest daughter, (M) marry her soul mate, a Dallas Police Officer, (J).  The wedding was beautiful, and so was the reception.  My husband and I have the privilege of adding another son to the family.  

On July 17th my sister passed away from pneumonia complications, she was just 53 years of age.  This was totally unexpected, and devastating to my family.  I'm thankful God gave my family the opportunity to have a couple of days with her to say goodbye before she passed away. 

Back at home we put up a portable garage to store the tractor and lawn mower.  Putting this portable garage up, using the instructions enclosed was a nightmare!!!  They weren't clear, or detailed enough.  Bulldog Man, Tank, and I just decided we would attempt to put it together without using the instructions.  It took a little while, a couple of hours.  In the end, we have a completed portable garage.   We put in several bars of Irish Spring Soap to deter the little critters from taking up quarters inside.

We've been working very hard on the property, and I have to say there's been some major changes, and additions.  In the next several posts, I will share with you those changes, and additions.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas My Friends!

Merry Christmas Dear Friends, From My Family To Yours!!! Enjoy a Few Pictures of Some of the Wild Life on Our Property.  Pictures Were Taken Will a Game Camera.