Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Time Flies!

Gosh, I can’t believe how time flies. We’ve moved and have been in our new house for several weeks.  The moving process has kept all of us pretty busy, most of the boxes have been unloaded, and our 3 bedroom house is starting to look like a real house.

While preparing to move our son, Tank found himself a nice welding job with an oil company closer to our new home.  One morning (4:30 AM) while commuting to his job on an old country highway going the speed limit, which was 65 MPH, this herd of wild boar ran out in front of him.  He hit his brakes, and turned his wheels; the herd of approximately 15 pigs, passed directly in front of him. Tank thought he was safe to continue on; when out of the blue, 2 straggler pigs ran directly into front of his truck.  The bumper threw one pig under his truck and immediately the pig rolled out the back of the truck and under the vehicle behind our son’s truck.  The second pig was pushed under the truck from the bumper and run over by our son’s dually tires, which caused the pig to go air borne; approximately 100 feet up over the opposing lane, and embankment.  The scene looked like something from the “Walking Dead”.  Body parts everywhere. I’ve refrained from sharing with you the video, but have attached a few pictures of the pigs.  Warning, one picture is bad, don’t look if you can’t handle blood!!!! Tank’s truck could not be controlled by the steering wheel because the tie rods were broke and bent.  Tank tried to maintain control of the vehicle and was able to get his truck off the highway on the downward slopped embankment without flipping it

The vehicle behind our son’s truck was that of another employee who worked at the same location as Tank.  Tank made sure this guy was okay, and helped him pull the pig out from under his vehicle.  This vehicle was drivable, he lost only a bumper.  The guy offered our son a ride to work since Tank’s vehicle was not drivable.    At 4:45AM Bulldog Man and I get a phone call from Tank explaining the situation.  Since his vehicle needed towing, and he had no functioning vehicle we came to his rescue.  

Bulldog Man and I arrived to the scene of the accident with our car and truck.  We made sure our sons vehicle was secure, took pictures of the scene for insurance, and then drove to our sons work site to drop off my car for him to use, and we returned to the accident to wait for a tow truck.

While waiting for the tow truck, two separate vehicles, at different times, drove by and turned around, not looking to help; they were looking to steal our son’s tools and equipment.   Each vehicle didn’t see our truck across the highway, parked in the ditch, next to a tree, until they went past our son’s truck and turned around. Each subject nearly crapped their pants when they saw two people sitting in a truck watching our son’s broken down flatbed loaded with tools.  Little did they know, we were prepared to provide lead poisoning if something were too happened.

Both vehicles, after spotting us, took off like a bat out of hell.  We took pictures of each vehicle along with their vehicle license number. 
Approximately 2 hours later, our son’s truck was picked up by a tow truck and brought to a dealership for work.  Both pigs caused nearly $3,000 worth of damage to the underside of Tanks truck.  There was no body damage at all to his vehicle. His truck has been fixed and is back up on the road.

Our first project on our new home is to put up rain gutters. We’ve taken complete measurements of the exterior of the house, and gone into town to one of the big box stores and purchased all the gutter material needed to frame the house along with the down spouts, connections, screws, and glue.    We’re hoping to have this project complete in the next two weeks.
Gutter Parts and New Ladders for Project.


Here are a few pictures of some more critters living on our property. 
I will say living out in the country has been very peaceful and exciting, never a dull moment. 

I will say living out in the country has been very peaceful and exciting, never a dull moment.