Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Message From Mars

Dear Blogger Friends;

I have been in touch with Mars (SciFiChick’s Husband), and he asked that I pass along the following message to the Blogging World.

SciFiChick loved being a part of the Blogging World, and talking with all of her Blogger friends. It meant the world to her to be able to post about things she’s learned, or created; especially if it helped someone else in the long run.  Her goal was to be self reliant….and teach others to do the same.  

Her devotion to Blogger friends was endless.  She wanted her friends to know they were her inspiration, and she loved you all.

Monday, August 25, 2014

This is NOT a Goodbye.........A tribute to my friend, SciFiChick

Bacon and Eggs ..................I said to myself back in the year 2012, what an interesting name to call a blog.   

Of course the name intrigued me……..and it wasn’t because it was food name… was because the blog was created by a lovely woman with a big heart who knew “Life was a Precious Gift”……….her name, SCIFICHICK.  

SCI’s gift was helping others learn to stand on their feet, and become self reliant.  Her blog posts always encompassed informative information and she was never afraid to express her opinion.  If you had a question about gardens, seeds, rabbits, chickens, canning, self reliance, ways of being frugal, or politics; SCI, without hesitation, would drop what she was doing to answer your question.  I consider SCI the Matriarch of the Blogger world.  

I had the pleasure of personally getting to know SCI and her husband, Mars. We would talk through Blogger, G-mail, and the telephone. Little did I know that one day, I would be able to meet a true Blogger friend in person.  SCI invited me and my husband to her place for a BBQ.  Not only was I going to meet SCI and Mars in person, I was going to meet Phelan and her husband from A Homesteading-Neophyte blog.  We all were getting together before Phelan and her family relocated to Kentucky.  This visit was amazing……….Bulldog Man (my husband) and I were blown away by friends who we only had talked to by computer/phone in the past, and had never met in person until the day of the BBQ.

The day of the BBQ, SCI gave us a tour of her property.  The garden she talks about on her blog was just jaw droppingly gorgeous in person.  We couldn’t get over how much work both SCI and Mars put into the garden and their property.  

The day we all spent together was incredible. Our friendship in itself was a precious gift, a bond unbroken.

As Bloggers, and friends, we are “IN THE WEEDS” right there with SCI.  To understand why we’re “In the Weeds” with SCI, go to her blog and read her last post. 

My Friend, Goodbyes are not forever or the end, it simply means we all will miss you SCIFICHICK, until we meet again!

Love you,
Sandy and Bulldog Man

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Just Gorgeous, I Had To Share

Source: YouTube, Preserve Plant.Org


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Seed Saving

All the beautiful flowers planted around the property, and previously pictured on my blog, have come to full term.  These dry flowers are taken from the plant, and placed in brown lunch bags.  The bags are then placed in a dry dark location to make sure the flower dries completely before retrieving the seeds.   

I have 7 brown bags of dead flowers to go through and harvest seeds for planting on the property next year and the year after.

Each bag will be gone through to retrieve all the seeds.  The seeds will then be placed in a clear bag with the name of the flower type, month and year, and then placed in seed storage (cool, dry, and dark location) until time to start planting again come spring. 

Bags to go through and petals removed from seed pod.

Seeds Retrieved.
Packing Seeds Up.

I try to save all plant seeds (flower, vegetable, and fruit).  Do you save your seeds?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Drop The Steak Poppy!!!!

Bulldog Man grilled some really large steaks on Tuesday night.  Beans wasn’t going to leave his Poppy’s side until he closed the grill top; just in case Poppy accidentally dropped one of those large steaks.  You just never know!!!!

The steaks were so large, Bulldog Man and I shared half of one of the steaks, and then we had some sweet corn on the cob, Asian slaw, and mushrooms with onions.  

This is my second planting of Cherokee trail of Tears beans from seeds received from SciFiChick, I saved several seeds from my last visit.  Check this out; the beans are coming in really healthy.

 Pie pumpkin vines were thinned out, because the vines were taking over the garden beds.  Since thinning the vines out, I’ve noticed Aphids have hit my vines hard. We’ve sprayed them with an alcohol, soap, and water concoction, in hopes of killing off bugs and eggs.  There are several pumpkins; we shall see how many we really have after the Aphids are done destroying everything.

My squash plants are starting to produce little squash; I’m keeping an eye on the squash for Aphids.  So far, none visible!!!

This is a Chinese 5 pepper plant; it’s showing beautiful purple flowers.  In time I will have a bunch of little peppers in 5 different colors.

This is what the Chinese peppers will look like.

Finally, my sweet husband, Bulldog Man, came home from work today and surprised me with 2 dozen beautiful red roses named “Freedom”.  They’re beautiful; I can smell their warm fragrance throughout our home.  I love my big dog, Bulldog Man……thank you Babe.  Yes, I love you too Beans…………..he’s sitting here staring at me……what can I say.