Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Today’s our 11th Anniversary; Bulldog Man came home from work with a beautiful bouquet of roses.  I made delicious lasagna with cheese bread for the occasion, along with a coconut cream pie for dessert. 

Enough Said!!

Pic Source: WorkEmpowermentFoundation


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cleaning the Filters

Welcome to all the new followers to my blog.  


Back in April of 2012 we created our own gravity fed water filtration system off of instructions posted by Mike Yukon over at the Living Prepared blog.  

Mike even provided the resources and list of materials needed to create your own gravity fed water filtration system.  We placed our order with the resources to create two separate water filtration systems…one for current use, and another for emergency backup.

Every 3 to 6 months we take apart this gravity fed water filtration system to clean the holding device and each ceramic filter.  Most people don’t realize you need to clean your filtration system regularly.  Once you’ve taken your filtration system apart, you’ll notice a film all over the holding container and the ceramic filters.  With warm water, take a dish cloth and wash down the holding container and ceramic filters until this film is no longer evident.  Put the filtration system back together, and fill the top container with water to be processed through the ceramic filters.  



We have placed cleaning our water filtration system on a routine cleaning schedule.  Have you cleaned your water filtration system lately?


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Lake Turn Over

Saturday was beautiful; we woke bright and early, checked the temperature and wind (because this also affects fishing), went and filled the truck with gas……and headed down to the Lake of the Arbuckles to do a little fishing and relaxation.

I suggested this little trip of relaxing, and fresh air; to help with Bulldog Man’s recovery from his second surgical procedure on his neck which was done on Wednesday.  We both are learning……we’re no longer spring chickens, as we get older it takes our bodies longer time to heal or get over a stressful situation.

The drive down south and east through the mountain was enjoyable (some of you will consider this a hill….not a mountain).  We came across a young buck staring us down on the side of the winding road.  He had to be about 2 years of age; his antlers were at most 4 inches tall (Bulldog Man was driving too fast to take a picture).  A couple miles further, just before we reached the end of the small two lane road, a rabbit took off across the street right in front of our truck.  

We arrived at our destination, a nice place……. not to many people know about on this lake.  Unloaded our fishing poles, walked down to the lake and realized the lake had started its fall turn over. 

You asked, what is fall turn over?    During the fall, warm surface water begins to cool.  As the water cools, it becomes denser causing it to sink.  The dense water forces the water on the bottom to rise…turning over the layers.  Lakes do this process twice a year, once usually in the spring, and the second time in fall.  

Fish were swimming, and playing in the water but not biting on our bait.
For an hour and a half, we walked along the banks of the lake watching the water turn over.  While watching the lake turn, we witnessed fog form directly from the lake creating a wall approximately 500 feet tall. 

Granted, we always see fog roll in from side to side early in the morning hours, never directly from the lake turning.  After this wall of fog appeared, it eventually moved and hovered over the entire lake.  Our goal was to catch fish, instead we witnessed seasonal movement of the lake…..I guess you could say it was Mother Nature’s way of cleansing water.  Even though we didn’t catch any fish and out trip was short, we decided to have breakfast down in Sulphur, Oklahoma, at a place called the Poor Girls Café.
I will say this trip was very relaxing for the both of us. 

Bulldog Man placed new bearings on our $6.00 windmill, and I took a wire brush to the legs to get the mud off.  I then washed down the entire windmill with hot soapy water.  My next step (this step, I’m taking slow because I have a few other projects that need finishing first) will be to sand down the entire windmill, wipe it down really well, and then paint it.   When I get finished, I will share pictures of the before and after.  

Source Lake Turn Over Illustration-National Geographic