Sunday, February 23, 2014

Little Bit of Fishing, Little Bit of Farming

This last week has been a bit hectic, I traveled down to North Texas to help take care of my mom.  My sister has been taking care/watching her, but needed to go out of town for her work.   I hadn’t mentioned it before in posts, but our Mom had surgery a week after my Dad passed away.  She’s been recovering from this surgery and dealing with slight complications.  I ended up staying in Texas through Friday afternoon, when my sister returned from her business trip. 

I have to say, Mom seems to be recovering quite well.     In fact, one night Mom and I were able to go out to eat, and enjoy a nice steak dinner together.  Get this…..she drove to the restaurant!!!  This is a really good sign toward her recovery.  We’re giving Mom a big shout out……………..Love you Mom!!!

Mom of course sent me home with a sweet gift; it was one of those Ninja blenders.  Talk about perfect timing, my blender is a true piece of $%*&@ and I was going to look for a new one.  Now I don’t have too :-)

This weekend, Bulldog Man and I woke early on Saturday to go fishing.  We were up at the pond at 6:20AM, the temperature was in the low 30’s and the breeze was downright cold.  Everyone fishing off the embankments had hard hits on their lines, but didn’t catch one fish.  Bulldog Man and I decided to pack it up after staying 3 hours. 

Because we were fishing not too far from Oklahoma State University, we decided to visit the Farmers Market, sponsored and held at the University.  All items sold at the market are Oklahoma made, grown, or raised.  The University adheres to a strictly “Oklahoma Only” market. 

Items the farmers would bring into this market; meats, cheeses, dairy items, herbs (fresh and dried), vegetables (dried, fresh, and still in dirt), crocheted and knitted items, tinctures, lotions, soaps, leather products, homemade bakery items, and handmade books.

Bulldog Man and I picked up a few things and supported a few of our local farmers.  Fresh milk, eggs, cheese, asparagus, tomato, honey, spices and berries (dried), a solid lotion bar, some potted broccoli, and dish cloths. 

I have a new sign spring is around the corner; new leaves on a rose bush outside our bathroom window.

How was your weekend? 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Way To Spend A Weekend

Saturday and Sunday, Bulldog Man and I headed out early to catch some trout to place in our freezer.  The wind picked up a bit on Saturday. so we only stayed out at the pond a couple of hours and caught only 2 trout.  

On the way home, we stopped off at Bass Pro Shop in Oklahoma City and found a couple of really light fishing rods with reels at a great price.  These rods will be great rods for fishing trout, bass, and crappie.  Bulldog Man and I decided to try the new rods at the pond on Sunday.

Sunday morning at 5:30 AM, we arrived at the pond and setup our gear.  Dropping our fishing lines in the water, we sat back in our comfy camping chairs, enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee, while watching the moon disappear through the clouds, and the sun appear over the horizon, waiting for a fish to bite.  As the sun blessed us with her shine, a pair of beavers swims across in front of us, heading toward the other side of the pond.  Geese fly in, landing in the water, while ducks float along the shoreline looking for food, and a medium-sized turtle swims under our fishing lines, and occasionally pops his head up to let us know he’s there.  

Sunday afternoon we brought home 5 more trout to add to our freezer stash for meals later on.    Okay ………. Bulldog Man wants me to note he caught the fish.  I’ll let him take the credit, he earned it :-)

Besides, the best part about fishing, is spending time relaxing together, and enjoying the great outdoors. 

The moon going behind the clouds.

Beautiful sunrise.

Bulldog Man watching the sunrise.

Saturday's catch.

Sunday's catch.

Beans ticked because he didn't get to go fishing.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

*****Winner Announced*****

The winner of the Frontier Pro Portable Water Filter is:

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