Friday, July 28, 2017

*****Winner Announced*****

The winner of the Voodoo Tactical Universal Surgical Kit is:

The winner has until Thursday, August 3, 2017; to respond to me with their mailing address. 

If the winner does not respond by 11:59 PM on August 3, 2017; I will have no choice but to select another winner.

K from, please e-mail me your mailing address.
My E-mail is:


Monday, July 24, 2017

*****GIVE - AWAY***** Minor Surgery Kit

I’m gifting one lucky Blogger friend a Surgical Instruments Kit, Minor Surgery by VOODOO TACTICAL

This kit comes in an awesome case and includes the following items:  Wound probe w/eye, stitch scissors, bandage scissors, straight forceps, curved forceps, scalpel handle, scalpel blade, pupil flashlight, povidine prep pads, alcohol prep pads, sani-wipes, suture, splinter tweezers, and triple antibiotic ointment.

In order to win, you must leave your name or username (how to contact you) below in the comment section, and explain how you would use it.

This will automatically qualify, and enter you in the drawing.  Please don’t expect an individual acknowledgement of your entries in this drawing.

My gift opportunity will only be offered to those who are 18 years of age or older.

The deadline to enter for this gift offer is Thursday, July 27th at 5:00PM (CST). All entries will be placed in a bowl and one name will be randomly drawn from the bowl.

If your name is picked as the winner, I will post your name on my blog in the morning of Friday, July 28th along with my e-mail address. 

The person selected will have 4 business days to respond to me, by e-mail, with their physical mailing address. The gift will be mailed to the address provided at no cost to you.

If I receive no response from the selected party, their entry will be null (void), and I will be required to pick another person.  

Only 1 entry per blog site please, multiple entries will be deleted.  

Because I care about my Blogger friends, I’ve purchased the VOODOO Tactical Universal Surgical Kit Complete and one lucky friend will receive it as a gift. 

FYI, I am not getting paid to promote this product or advertise for their company.  

Good Luck!


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Get Moving!!

The one day we get to sleep in just a little, the clock rang at 6:00AM.  Time to rise and shine…everyone in the house was up, dressed, had coffee, and breakfast.  Then we were all out the door, heading over to the shop to pull equipment together, and prep it for our early morning chores.  Yes, a family affair of weed whacking, cutting grass, chopping small trees, and unloading branches from the trailer.  All done early before the storms rolled in.

We even moved some red clay away from the French drains so the rain wouldn’t push it into the ditch. You scratch your heads wondering how we moved the clay; well I’ll tell you it wasn’t by hand.  

After doing research, getting advice from friends (y’all know who you are), and trying several tractors (Kubota, Mahindra, Kiyoti, LS, New Holland, John Deere, and Case) we decided to go with LS. 

The dealer where we purchased our LS tractor gave us the best deal around for a larger tractor and parts including service, and warranty.    We purchased the LS 4140 with a bucket, box blade, and a brush hog.
Here it is………………I have to ask……do you think my tractor’s sexy??

While cutting back trees, Bulldog Man and I found grapes!!!!  We found all kinds of grapes, growing along the fence line out on the east side of our property.  We don’t know if they’re wild grapes, or grapes planted by the previous owner.  I’m going to need to do some research before I start to pick any grapes.  I know they’re 5 things I need to look for in research.  The shape of the leaves (heart shaped and jagged), the number of seeds in the grape, the color of the stem, the color of the flower and the tendrils.    
This is an exciting find; I hope they’re not the poisonous kind.

I also found another type of spider…………………………
A VW Bug Spider!!!!  I thought this was funny, and took a picture to share with you.  This spider is on the side of one of the local churches.

As I close this post today, I wanted to share; I’ll be hosting another give-away relating to survival later this week…..stay tuned!


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Continuation French Drain, Poppies :-), Zeva, Refrig Pickles..............

French Drain continuation……

The gravel’s been laid at the bottom of the trench; pipes have been glued together, and laid at a slight angle on top of the gravel, to ensure the water will drain down the pipe and into our fish pond. We even setup one of the gutters to run down a spout into a pipe in the ground, which in the end will be totally connected to the French Drain. This will take the rain water away from the house and prevent issues with the foundation.  Now we’re ready for the next step to add more gravel to the trench and on top of the pipe.

A slight delay causes us to push this project off the delay; Bulldog Man needs to leave for work in Salt Lake City, Utah for a week. 
The second delay, severe thunder and lightning storms. We’ll have to pick this project up again, once the sun comes back out and the ground is dry.   

A nice surprise; Kymber and Jambaloney over at the Framboise Manor Blog sent us these amazing Poppies as a housewarming gift.  We decided to place them around our tornado shelter……because they’re pretty, they signify success in following your dreams, and most of all remind us of those military soldiers who lost their lives protecting us, and fighting for our freedoms…..Remember Flanders Fields (WW1).

These Poppies have touched us in an amazing way, thank you so much Kymber and Jambaloney…we love y’all. 
Oh Kymber, there was a little bird just sitting in one of the poppies taking a little bath :-)


Tank needed longer leads on the welder mounted to his flatbed truck.  Instead of purchasing 200 foot leads separately from a welding shop, he went ahead and purchased 400 feet of wire wholesale and created his own 200 foot leads. He also purchased a mechanical reel to attach directly to his truck, to wrap and ground the leads, making it easier for working large jobs.  Bulldog Man helped tank pull, split, and setup the wire on the reel properly.    


The making of refrigerator pickles…..I used a spice package by Ball and McCormick (like the ones in my last give-away) in order to make bread and butter pickles.  I only really needed to come up with the vinegar, sugar, and water.  The rest was quiet simple, no processing in a pressure canner, or a water bath.  My bottles went directly in the refrigerator and will be totally eaten up by one person in our house….ME!!!!


It breaks my heart to say this; we had to give up our sweet little girl, Zeva.  We had her for only 2 days and trained her to bark to go outside to do her business, and introduced her to walking on a leash.  She was very intelligent, and a sweet German shepherd.  Our plan was to train her as a security protection dog, for out on the farm.  But first, Beans (our rescued Chihuahua) needed to give his blessings.  We introduced the 2 dogs and they both seemed to be fine with one another.  Once home, Beans started to become distant, with us, and Zeva.  He sat on his bed and anytime Zeva would get near him he would leave a wide berth.  He started closing down………he would give a dead stare, not move, eat, or drink. 

What to do….we acted fast!  Beans was here first (he’s our baby), and we rescued him.  We weren’t replacing him; we were bringing him a friend, a companion.   Obviously this was too much for Beans to handle (maybe because Zeva was a puppy).  We brought Zeva back to her original owner (lovely breeder who lived on a ranch full of animals).  She took Zeva back and totally understood.  Zeva was adopted that afternoon by a family who recently lost their female shepherd.  They kept the name we gave her, and will send us pictures. 

Beans is still acting a bit strange over the situation.  Tomorrow we go to the Vet., to make sure everything’s okay.  


We recently found several worm webs in trees around our driveway.  This time of year it’s usually the Eastern Tent Caterpillar (appears in late spring/early summer) which looks very similar to the Web Worm (they appear in the fall).  These worms can stress your trees, making them susceptible to diseases, other bugs, and drought.  

The easiest way to get rid of these worms and their webs are to spray them with bug spray.  We prefer to cut the branch down and burn the entire branch, web, eggs, and worms. 
As for the tree’s with  branches 30+ feet up in the air……they’ll have to just be left alone because…. I’m not climbing my happy A$$ up these trees to cut limbs/branches down at my age.  There’s just no way I can do that now!!!!