Monday, July 24, 2017

*****GIVE - AWAY***** Minor Surgery Kit

I’m gifting one lucky Blogger friend a Surgical Instruments Kit, Minor Surgery by VOODOO TACTICAL

This kit comes in an awesome case and includes the following items:  Wound probe w/eye, stitch scissors, bandage scissors, straight forceps, curved forceps, scalpel handle, scalpel blade, pupil flashlight, povidine prep pads, alcohol prep pads, sani-wipes, suture, splinter tweezers, and triple antibiotic ointment.

In order to win, you must leave your name or username (how to contact you) below in the comment section, and explain how you would use it.

This will automatically qualify, and enter you in the drawing.  Please don’t expect an individual acknowledgement of your entries in this drawing.

My gift opportunity will only be offered to those who are 18 years of age or older.

The deadline to enter for this gift offer is Thursday, July 27th at 5:00PM (CST). All entries will be placed in a bowl and one name will be randomly drawn from the bowl.

If your name is picked as the winner, I will post your name on my blog in the morning of Friday, July 28th along with my e-mail address. 

The person selected will have 4 business days to respond to me, by e-mail, with their physical mailing address. The gift will be mailed to the address provided at no cost to you.

If I receive no response from the selected party, their entry will be null (void), and I will be required to pick another person.  

Only 1 entry per blog site please, multiple entries will be deleted.  

Because I care about my Blogger friends, I’ve purchased the VOODOO Tactical Universal Surgical Kit Complete and one lucky friend will receive it as a gift. 

FYI, I am not getting paid to promote this product or advertise for their company.  

Good Luck!



  1. Well, first off a small kit for mainly working on my stitching ability would be greatly appreciated. A bone-in chicken breast with the skin still on, is what a few doctors have told me is ideal practice fodder. This would not go to waste, but I won't be removing in ruptured appendixes...

    K from

  2. Was just telling 2nd Man that I want to get back to prepping the farm with items such as this. I was doing it pretty steadily and then it trailed off. With things going on now, uncertainty in the world, I'm thinking it's time to start that back up. Thanks for hosting this!!

  3. Another great giveaway from Sandy! I've been going through our preparedness inventory and of course medical supplies are important, but who would have thought to have a minor surgery kit? Excellent idea.

  4. This would be great to add to my inventory. Thank you

    Amber R...

  5. Oooooo! Would so love this😍....toss my name in!!


  6. You come up with the NEATEST stuff! Don't enter me, but I wanted to comment because you are the greatest! I always use superglue as my go-to quick surgery fix. :)

  7. That is one terrific kit. I would definitely put this in my first aid arsenal on the boat. We fish several times a week and hooks and fin injuries happen when least expected. The tools and tweezers would help in many many ways. You are awesome to come up with this giveaway! Thanks!

  8. What a great item to have in my first aid kit. It would definitely come in handy for the pesky splinters, removing a fish hook and stitching a cut that needs more than a butterfly bandage. Thanks so much for offering this!

  9. this would go in my 'get home bag' for sure.

  10. Well, drat, I diddled around and failed to get back here in time to enter. I agree with Susan, Sandy, you have the best giveaways. So generous and such useful items. Looks like it would be a very useful kit to have.

  11. Hi Sandy :) Kymber suggested I check out your blog, and I missed your giveaway! Just like Mama Pea, I've been diddlin'! That's a very nice prize and very generous of you to offer it! :)

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