Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sling, Gun, & Garden

What a gorgeous day in Oklahoma today!!!!  Temperatures this morning was 64 degrees, this afternoon; 88 degrees, with a nice breeze, and the humidity level less than 40 %.

I was up early this morning cutting grass, weed whacking, and pulling cucumbers.

Several tomato plants are growing on top of these straw bales and wild mushrooms are growing down the sides.  Check this out………………

I also found another use for panty hose…………………
A Sling!!!
Yes, you heard right………..a sling for my tomatoes.

We also added a new rain gauge to our garden.

Remember the tomatoes I couldn’t identify?  Well here’s the picture I initially posted, and below are the same tomatoes changing colors.  I believe these tomatoes may be called Dad’s Sunset. 

Finally, Bulldog Man had a problem with his gun …… light primer strike.  He contacted Ruger via e-mail, they immediately contacted him by telephone, and had him send in the gun, and within a day of receipt, Ruger took Bulldog Man’s gun totally apart, replaced all parts, fired the gun 40 times, and returned the gun.  This process only cost us shipping, the parts were totally replaced at no cost.

Today, we took his gun out to the range to fire it, there are no more issues with ammunition feeding and firing through the gun.  Wooohooo, I have a happy husband :-)

Life couldn’t be any better!


  1. Interesting Photos Sandy.. looks like your garden was awesome. Good deal with Bulldog Mans gun..

    1. Cherie,

      Thanks! The garden will soon be coming to an end. Yes, it's a great deal....Ruger fixed BDM gun and he's a happy camper.

  2. Happy shooty hubby is the best way to be. You can trust me on this. :)

    1. Rev. Paul,

      For sure Rev. Paul, the quickest way to a man's heart is a working gun and food of course, lol...

  3. I like the nylon idea... I planted some like that a pear tomato variety... yellow pear from baker heirloom seeds.... always good when man shoot gun and it work!

    1. M.E.,
      Thank you, I had to find away to use panty hose. I'm not sure if the tomatoes are yellow pear because they're bigger than the pear tomatoes I see here.
      Yes, it is always good when a man can use a working gun :-)

  4. Love the nylon idea. My Grandmother used to save her panty hose, cut them off at the knee when they were done. She placed the left over bits of soap in them, and knotted it up. It created one larger piece of soap. It worked like a charm actually, plenty of soap came out and it created a pretty good lather. She had to be sure we used all the soap. Waste not, want not...

    1. Izzy,

      Thanks :-)
      Your Grandmother has a great idea, this way you're not wasting those little bits.

  5. I am lucky I guess I have rolls and rolls of left over binder twine to use to tie up stuff. The stuff pretty much doesn't store well so any left overs each year I take for garden use.

    1. PP,

      I have twine but needed something to really support groups of tomatoes without causing creases in the tomatoes. Twine is great for using in the garden. Always keep any left overs because you can use left over twine on just about anything.

  6. The weather here has been very cold for August as well. I actually thought about building a fire in the fireplace just because I could.

    Ruger has a good reputation for customer service.