Friday, August 15, 2014

Drop The Steak Poppy!!!!

Bulldog Man grilled some really large steaks on Tuesday night.  Beans wasn’t going to leave his Poppy’s side until he closed the grill top; just in case Poppy accidentally dropped one of those large steaks.  You just never know!!!!

The steaks were so large, Bulldog Man and I shared half of one of the steaks, and then we had some sweet corn on the cob, Asian slaw, and mushrooms with onions.  

This is my second planting of Cherokee trail of Tears beans from seeds received from SciFiChick, I saved several seeds from my last visit.  Check this out; the beans are coming in really healthy.

 Pie pumpkin vines were thinned out, because the vines were taking over the garden beds.  Since thinning the vines out, I’ve noticed Aphids have hit my vines hard. We’ve sprayed them with an alcohol, soap, and water concoction, in hopes of killing off bugs and eggs.  There are several pumpkins; we shall see how many we really have after the Aphids are done destroying everything.

My squash plants are starting to produce little squash; I’m keeping an eye on the squash for Aphids.  So far, none visible!!!

This is a Chinese 5 pepper plant; it’s showing beautiful purple flowers.  In time I will have a bunch of little peppers in 5 different colors.

This is what the Chinese peppers will look like.

Finally, my sweet husband, Bulldog Man, came home from work today and surprised me with 2 dozen beautiful red roses named “Freedom”.  They’re beautiful; I can smell their warm fragrance throughout our home.  I love my big dog, Bulldog Man……thank you Babe.  Yes, I love you too Beans…………..he’s sitting here staring at me……what can I say.



  1. Nicely Done Bulldog!
    Everything looks good in the garden section... bugs are a pain this time of year.
    I have turtles eating my matos... keep taking them out and they keep coming back. Oh well they gotta est too. Will have to fine tune the f e ncing this winter for next spring planting.

    1. M.E.,

      Yes nicely done BDM!!!! The bugs have pretty much taken over parts of the garden this year.

      We will also be fine tuning our fencing next spring. I've had one turtle on the property, he really didn't get into our garden though.

  2. Those are interesting beans. I am surprised your pumpkins are turning already. Mine can't be far behind : ) I can almost smell the freshness of those roses. Lucky lady.

    1. Michaele,

      The Cherokee Trail of Tears are great tasting beans, unique coloring.
      The pumpkins are ready, some were targeted by bugs.
      Thank you, yes I'm very lucky I have a wonderful husband.

  3. Hmmm why didn't this post update on my blog roll? I have been noticing a number of blogs are slow to update lately.

    Nice looking plants.

    1. PP,

      Blogger has issues, give it a day or so and you'll see it will work.
      I'm slow posting lately due to all that needs worked on the property.