Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Slow Pace

Bulldog man and I spent the day together at a slower pace. We took the morning to have breakfast together, relax and just have great conversation.  After, we returned home and walked the property picking up stuff that blew in from the high winds we’ve been having.  We decided to remove the weather protection from the faucets outside (don’t think we need the protection; don’t expect any more bad frost since going into spring).  This was needed because we have flowers blooming that need watering (and if you step in mud or shall I say something else, you can wash it off).  

Bulldog man and I went out to the local range to test my gun.  The gun, a 9MM Beretta PX4 Storm SC is a great gun.  Never had any firing problems, handles fabulously, easy to load and extremely easy to breakdown and clean.  About 4 weeks ago, we sent my gun back to the manufacturer upon their request to fix a front site that continued to fall off.  Apparently the site was never properly posted.  Beretta USA, without hesitation issued a pickup tag, picked up the gun, tested the gun, fixed the gun and turned it back around to us, at no cost, within 3 weeks.   No, this is not a Beretta commercial, I’m an avid fan. I would highly recommend Beretta USA when you go to purchase your next gun.  Beretta USA stands behind their merchandise.  If you’re looking for a comfortable gun (small size, big punch gun - - Beretta Web Page) for your wife or yourself, make it the 9MM Beretta PX4 Storm SC.  Great gun for personal defense and conceal carry.   **** For pictures of the Beretta 9MM PX4 Storm refer to my earlier post in January, titled Consider This…..

We have been putting together a list of items we need to pickup and stock within the next couple of months. 
Extra Gas – check
2 more lamps – check
Candles - check
Batteries – need
Additional water filters – need
Hand held mixer – need
Flour – need more
Brown sugar – need more
Surgical scissors – need
First Aid Tape – need
S.W. Radio – need

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