Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Making plans instead of hasty decisions is one way of saving money and staying within a budget.    Bulldog Man and I sit down and plan our dinner meals together every two weeks and write (excuse my messy hand writing) them on a smart board in the kitchen.  At this point, I compile a grocery list with all that is needed to make these meals.  Once the list is finished, I will take the list and shop in my kitchen, crossing off the items I have in stock.  Items not found in my kitchen will stay on the list for grocery shopping.  I find sticking to the menu on the smart board during the two week period saves us approximately $150.  Having the smart board displayed in the kitchen also allows the entire family to see the menu plan.  If I get stuck outside of the home before dinner, another family member can go ahead and start the evening meal. 

As you can see based on the smart board our dinner tonight was baked potatoes and salad. 

 Something simple and delishJ.  Dinner doesn’t always have to be something gigantic, just something to fill the hole in the stomach, lol. 

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