Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday, Monday

Happy President’s Day!!!
Update:  Hedgehog and his pal Hippo recovered from surgery.  Beans (our dog) is totally relieved, both of his favorite chew toys came out of surgery okay.  Doctor Sandy was able to stuff the guts back into hedgehog’s body and sew him up.  As for hippo, all he needed was minor surgery (a little stuffing) and his leg sewn back. 

All Better Now!!!!

Beans is content, he has his Hedgehog Back.

He's Back To Romancing the Hedgehog, bow-chicka bow-wow!!!!

I want to share with you a favorite of mine.  Eleven years ago, my husband, Bulldog man introduced me to the Green Chile.  We were driving from the DFW Airport in Texas to Tularosa, New Mexico to visit family.  As we were pulling into town, I kept seeing these large metal circular cages rotating over a fire.  The farmers were roasting Green Chiles alongside the road and next to the grocery store. The entire area had this fabulous smell.  I had never seen anything like this before.  When I tasted the Green Chile, I knew I found a new friend for life.  I keep a case of Hatch Green Chiles in my pantry.   Anytime I have an opportunity, I will put the Chiles in a recipe.  I won’t buy any variety of Green Chiles; it must always be Hatch Green Chiles.  Bulldog man has created a Green Chile monster of a wife.

Part of My Stash


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