Monday, February 6, 2012

This And That

Today was one of those days where I ran around town and completed errands.  Hit Walmart and picked up several cases of jars for canning (all different sizes) and freezing, went to the post office (nothing interesting there, just bills).  Pulled out the good old crock pot and made chicken SOS, some people call it fricassee.  Either way it’s grub and goes down real good! 
Then I was off to the dentist to get a second opinion on some dental work.  I really have not had much luck with dentists the last 10 years of my life.  I have had dental work that ends up eventually breaking (i.e. crowns w/root canals) and now I am paying dearly.  I must admit, getting a second opinion has eased my mind.  Especially when the dentist completed a thorough examination, spent over 45 minutes just talking to me about what needs to be done to my mouth.  I am very pleased with this second opinion and now I have found a dentist that is willing to work with me and get me situated.  Someone I am extremely comfortable with. Hopefully by this time next month, my dental issues will be resolved. 
Have you looked out into the sky this evening?  There is nothing prettier than looking at a full moon.  Can you see the face inside the white circle?


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