Thursday, February 23, 2012

Almost Time To Plant

Today was an extremely busy day for all of us.  This morning Young master (our son Dakota) went to high school and technical school.  Bulldog man and I worked on the property.  Bulldog man grabbed the chainsaw and cut down several large branches off a tree, cut the gate post to size and grass whipped areas that desperately needed it.  While he was using the posthole digger to dig a hole for the post, I went ahead and started cutting grass (you wouldn’t think the grass needed to be cut since winter is coming to an end, but the grass is growing like crazy and needed to be cut). After finishing school, Young master came home and helped Bulldog man place T-posts and fencing around the garden area.  With the additional fence, Bulldog man went ahead and tied a piece to the gate (to prevent critters from entering through the gate).   I’m excited; the area will hold my above ground garden boxes.  Next step is to pull out our garden plan, create another larger garden box, pickup additional stand alone pots, manure, and peat moss, and make a trellis and several plant cages.  I can’t start planting in the garden; I have to wait a couple weeks.

I decided to make a big cowboy dinner tonight.  So this morning, I put a brisket in the slow cooker.  About 5:30PM, we decided we were done working on the fencing and property for the night. Besides, the sun was starting to go down and we all needed to wash up for dinner.  OMG, our house smelled of brisket cooking.  I took the brisket out of the slow cooker, made fried potatoes with green peppers and onions, pinto beans and cornbread.  We usually have a green vegetable with our meals but tonight, NOT!!!!!! 



  1. I could almost smell that brisket from here, (NE OK). Oh, wait, that was MY crock pot full of pork ribs just waiting on the BBQ sauce. MMMMM.
    I have been enjoying my visit here and the Yosemite video was awwwwsome. I did not know about the falls turning into lava. I so want to visit that park before I leave this world.
    I am hoping I can get my garden plowed up soon. It is a new spot, so I am in for a workout trying to get all the grass and weeds out of it. I am going to start some seeds tomorrow.
    Thanks for a very nice visit.

    1. T, Nice to meet you! Your crock pot is full of ribs hmmmm.....maybe we should get together and I will share the brisket if you share the ribs, lol. I hope you get the opportunity to vist Yosemite. It's such a beautiful park, were hoping to go again (I don't know when though). Good luck with plowing, the earth here in this part of Oklahoma is so darn hard (clay that is). Don't work to hard getting that grass and weeds up. We have a little more to finish in the garden area before we can plant, I can't wait to start planting. I'm glad you enjoyed the visit, hope to see you again :-)