Friday, February 3, 2012

Unpredictable Things…….

The weather was suppose to be nice, then we were suppose to have a bad storm with rain, thunder, lightning, hail, possible tornadoes and wind.  All of this was predicted by the local weatherman.   Because of the possibility of tornadoes, Bulldog Man checked the emergency weather radio to ensure it was functioning properly for the evening.  No one wants to wake to a tornado barreling through their house.  Lord knows, I am not Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and I surely don’t have ruby red slippers. 

I mentioned to one of my Blogger friends in a response to one of her posts that I would be making Spanish Flan.  So I pull out the mixing bowl, eggs, vanilla, sugar, evaporated milk and then went for the condensed milk (NOT), there was none in my pantry, crap.   I can’t remember when I used the last can, senior moments.  I know you have them too!   Mental note to self, restock the condensed milk.  So much for making Flan, I ended up placing everything back in the cabinet, refrigerator and pantry for another day.  L


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