Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winter Weather

Winter here has been relatively warm compared to the last several winters here in Oklahoma.  Temperatures have been varying from teens to low 30’s in the early morning hours and from the low 30’s to 70’s later in the day.  This is the second time we have made a record since the 1950’s with the mildest winter season.  It’s my understanding, the weather pattern is caused by La Nina, producing a jet stream that’s farther north of its normal position (Thanks to AccuWeather for the map!).

La Nina is part of an “arctic oscillation”.   Now, what the hell does that mean? Instead of an explanation from myself, I think J Farmer’s Almanac explains it very well in his blog,
Based on, Winter 2011 – 2012 Forecast, “The Long-Range Team expects areas from northeastern Texas and Oklahoma into Kentucky and Tennessee to deal with more ice than snow events this winter, especially from early to mid-season”. 
This evening our local weather forecast indicates snow for Sunday into Monday and rain Monday night into Tuesday and Wednesday.  Is this the start of the ice prediction for Oklahoma?  So far, our weather has been bearable for the old bones in our bodies.  With the warmth, my flower beds started to sprout.  When our temperatures drop into the 20’s- 40’s the sprouts in the beds just stand still, no growth.  Not only are the flower sprouts confused, so are the birds and little critters (hell, I’m confused too).  The birds and critters are out and about searching for food and water.
Below are a few pictures of the last 2 winters we have experienced here in Somewhere, Oklahoma (yes, somewhere out there!).

Year 2010

Year 2010 (want to BBQ?)

Year 2011

Year 2011



  1. Yep, I concur. The past two years were horrendous, temps down to 9 degrees for days! It was so cold in 2009 (Winter) we had to leave and stay with family. The woodstove just couldn't keep up, or I was a poor fire maker ;-)

    This year we were prepared for another brutal winter and it didn't appear. I am very thankful.

    1. I'm thankful too that winter was just cooler temperatures. I'm afraid that summer maybe extremely hot (destroying the garden) and we may have another drought. I praying we don't.