Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another Saturday

Here’s my youngest son, Dakota showing off a wood-burning stove he made in Welding class. From time to time, when Dakota has extra time at school he asks if there anything we want made.  Of course, this is for extra credit.  Bulldog Man showed Dakota a picture of a stove he was interested in.  The next week, our son brings home the wood-burning stove he made from scratch.  It looks great and we can’t wait to use it.  Now we have one more source to cook with that doesn’t require electricity. 

This morning was finally a sleep-in morning, woke up at 8:30 AM.  Usually, I’m up and going at 5:00 – 5:30 AM.    I stripped down the bed and washed all the blankets and sheets.  I won’t place them back on the bed until later this evening.  We need to pull up the mattress and box springs, and vacuum (might as well since everything is moved out of the way) the floor. My agenda was not to clean the floor under the bed; it is to rotate the box spring so the mattress sits better.

 Carnitas….carnitas….carnitas, yes you heard right!!!!  I just love Mexican food, more so when I make it at home.  I have beef (carnitas are generally made with pork), since I don’t have pork, I made them with fajita beef.  I will take my fajita beef strips of meat and cut in small pieces and brown up with onions (generally you don’t brown the onions; you put them on the meat raw with the cilantro mixture. I can’t eat raw onions; they don’t like me, so I brown them) in a little olive oil (EVOO, if you’re hoity-toity).  Add lime juice (preferably from a fresh lime) to the meat mixture. While the meat and onions are browning, chop a handful of cilantro into small pieces and place it into a bowl.  Add a little olive oil (EVOO), fresh squeezed lime juice and set aside.  Finish cooking your meat and onion mixture.  Place the meat and onion mixture into the cilantro bowl and mix briefly.  Now get out your corn tortillas (homemade or store bought).  I am using store bought (because I am lazy just didn’t have time to make them).   Heat up the tortillas and then spoon a little of the meat, onion and cilantro mixture into the tortilla shell.  There you have it--a carnita!  Now I would also compliment the carnita with some refried beans, and maybe a little salad.  Before I married Bulldog man, I was the typical girl that would have the typical Mexican food (from the southeast) you find in a restaurant.  Little did I know, this food was not your typical Mexican food, it was Tex Mex.  My husband educated me very fast on what was true Mexican food.   Now not only do I love Mexican food, I call Bulldog man my “Little Mexican”, LOL!!!!!

Adiós hasta mi poste siguiente.  
(Translation: Good bye, until my next post)


  1. Quite a nice little project your son fashioned in welding. That is great he is taking a hands on skill class .. the way to go these days is to have a good trade. Carnitas .. we just made the pork version for hubby's b-day .. yummy!

  2. Mrs. Mac, My son, Dakota wanted me to tell you Thank you! Yes, it's great to have trade in his background. He should be totally certified as a Welder by this summer. Happy Birthday to your Hubby! Yum, carnitas!

  3. Nice initiative your son took to make the wood stove. He seems to be doing really good at the welding.

    1. Thank you, he sure is doing extremely well and were proud of him.