Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Time to Take a Deep Breath

Last night, Bulldog Man and I were having a conversation, when our son came into the room and nonchalantly stated; “Has any one by chance seen my class ring?”  Both Bulldog Man and I looked at each other, as smoke started to billow out of my ears. I questioned our son, “What do you mean have we seen your class ring?”   
Flash back to October 2011, when our son’s high school sent all the students home with paperwork on ordering school rings and graduation material (i.e.: cap, gown, tassel).  Since I never really had the opportunity to have class ring when growing up, our son showed extreme interest in having one.  Bulldog Man and I scrounged around for extra cash (money being saved for items needed around the house like a Berkey filter) to purchase our son a ring to remember his high school and technical talent (welding).  The ring was delivered by mail to our son one week before Christmas.  Oh what a beautiful ring.  One side of the ring displayed the logo for welding and the other the United States American flag.  The top of the ring displayed a garnet stone with the school initials and our son’s name was displayed on both sides of the ring above each of the logos.  Bulldog Man and I explained to our son that he needs to take care of this ring.  When you are not wearing it to make sure and place it in safe place.  Don’t take the ring off and forget about it or lose it.  The ring has insurance for fixing and resizing, but if you lose it you’re screwed stuck.
Now back to the question “Has anyone by chance seen my class ring?” 
Yes, smoke was coming out of my ears.  I was so livid because our son had the nonchalant attitude as if money grows on trees.    When asked, when was the last time you seen the ring; his response was, “I haven’t worn the ring in a couple of weeks.  I took it off to do some work in the house and now I can’t find it”.    What type of work were you doing in the house?  Response; “I don’t know”.  We were hoping to narrow down the type of work to determine a possible location of the ring.    
Last night, our son was searching his room (aka: tornado alley) high and low. We asked him to check his clothes, search through the pockets, check the trash, call his girlfriend and see if he left the ring at her parent’s house.  Check at the high and technical schools lost and found this morning and check your toolbox.   The response from our son, I know what to do………….I  know it’s in the house somewhere……….I know…………I know………I know……..
My question, can I strangle him now?   Gosh, I or We truly hate that phrase “I Know”.  What is it about the phrase “I KNOW” or another pet peeve, the word “LIKE” used as an expression?
The moral of this post, money doesn’t grow on trees and one must take responsibility for his/her own actions.  But my nonchalant question, “Can I strangle him yet?”


  1. So did he find the ring? or is he still being strangled?

    1. He is still looking for his ring. I would have to say, he has been strangled and knows were not happy but life goes on. Thanks for asking.

  2. If you come across it, don't give it to him. LOL