Friday, January 27, 2012

Excitement, ‘Twas the Night

‘Twas the night before our son’s Birthday, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. There was nothing hung by the chimney with care in hopes that REM sleep would soon be here.  Our son was nestled, all snug in his bed while an auto theft suspect hooked on meth decided to drop her stolen vehicle in our yard for a long winters’ nap.  All of a sudden a noise made such a clatter (door bell rang).  We sprang out of bed to see what was the matter.  Away to the window we flew like a flash, peaking through the blind we threw up the sash (curtain).  Okay….Okay, I will get to the rest of the story.  We looked through the window and realized the person standing on our porch was a police officer.  We opened the door to find out what was going on.  The officer asked us if the vehicles parked off to the side of the house were ours.  Our response, yes the trucks are ours.  He looked at us funny and stated how about the car.  Mr. Bulldog and I looked at the officer with a confused look and stated no, just the trucks.  He asked us to come outside the house and check out this car.    Our response no problem officer!  So we dashed outside, looked at the vehicle, we were both shocked to see a car in our yard.  The car was parked behind Bulldog’s truck, barely missing it.  She parked the vehicle there because it was dark and a convenient place to hide. The front tires of this car were dug deep down into the moist grass/earth.  The car was damaged and the inside was destroyed.  The officer informed us that the vehicle was stolen, and they arrested the woman (she was on drugs). The officer had the stolen vehicle towed off of our property and impounded.  He apologized for disturbing us and went on his merry way.  Now, dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!  Based on conversation with the officer, this unknown female suspect has a history of doing things like this and apparently has a past.  After all of this excitement, do you think we could go back to bed?  NOT. We ended up staying up until we had to go to work and school.

Happy Birthday Dakota!!!!  Tonight we are celebrating our son’s 19th Birthday.  He loves brownies. I made a large pan of brownies for the boy.  Totally decadent!!!!!   The brownies were made with nuts and chocolate marshmallow frosting.    Heck, we may even splurge for a nice steak and potato dinner for the boy! J


  1. Happy Birthday to your son! My eldest will be 23 on Feb 3rd. It sure went by fast! He has requested to go to Red Lobster for his birthday dinner, so we will be celebrating the eldest and the youngest (Feb 2nd) birthdays. Both of our boys. The brownies look so good! I love brownies, well chocolate really ;-)

    1. Thank you for the Happy Birthday to my son, I will show him your post. Yes, I agree they growup to darn fast. Yum, Red Lobster. Please wish both of your boy's a Happy Birthday for us. God, yes.....anything chocolate. I so love chocolate but it doesn't love my body, it puts pounds on me, lol