Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bread Gone South

Today was the day I made bread by hand instead of using the old fall back, the bread machine.  I heated some water, dissolved the sugar and added the yeast to a bowl and let it stand for 10 minutes.  Added the remaining ingredients as directed, mixed all the ingredients together by hand and kneaded the dough for 10 minutes.  After the kneading process, I coated the bowl with a little oil, placed the ball of dough in the bowl and coated the top of the dough with oil.  Set the bowl of dough in my oven to rise (oven was warm).  Formed 3 loafs and baked each.  Lord behold, the dough, after baking, turned into 3 long hockey pucks!  My error, I heated the water and didn't use a thermometer to test the temperature of the water.  I've learned from my error and will try again.  In the meantime, setup the goals and get your hockey sticks ready!!!!!!

There is one appliance I can't leave without, the Food Saver.  I've always wanted this appliance but at the time the price was not right.  Then one night, actually the Monday after Thanksgiving I was reading one of my favorite coupon blogs, "Frugal Coupon Living" and came across an advertisement for a brand new Food Saver at half the original price.  I turned around and looked at Mr. Bulldog and told him what I found.  His immediate response, “let's buy it”.  Of course, he knew I was keeping my eye out for a good deal and I don't ask for much.  Within a week, I had my Food Saver and Momma was happy :-)  : -)
I use this Food Saver every time I freeze meat, vegetables, seeds for my garden (to prevent freezer burn and keep life span), important documents (prevent water damage), camping items (so I won't lose small items, also to prevent water and sun damage) and old books (preserve). 



  1. PH recently bought me a food saver. The idea was to be able to package the chickens we butchered. Didn't work. The sealer sucked out all the juices and prevented the bag from sealing. Any tips?

    1. I actually had the same problem with chicken. What I did was take 2 - 3 papertowels and pat dry the chicken, then placed the chicken in the bag. I also made the bag just a bit larger to allow the liquid if any to move when processing but not near the part of the machine that seals (if you have the capability, increase the bag size). Another option, I have a button on the top of the machine that indicates dry or moist food (select moist).