Friday, July 20, 2012

Update to Watermelon Jelly Post

UPDATE:  The Watermelon Jelly will need more pectin.  After completing this recipe, processing and waiting for the jars to cool my jelly is runny.  So I’m going to add more pectin and reprocess.
Watermelon Jelly
6 cups of watermelon juice
2 cups of sugar
4 tablespoons of lemon juice
5 Tablespoons of liquid pectin
Take the seeds out of the watermelon (I put all of my watermelon in a blender, including the seeds).  Press the liquid button.  Strain your watermelon juice from pulp and seeds by using cheese cloth inside a strainer. Place the strained watermelon juice in a pot (stainless steel). Add sugar and lemon juice, stir continuously.  Make sure the sugar dissolves into the liquid, keep stirring, and bring to a rolling boil.  Add liquid pectin, keep stirring, and make sure you bring the mixture back to a rolling boil for 1 complete minute.  Remove from burner and ladle out any foam.  Now you’re ready to spoon watermelon juice mixture into your sterilized jars.  Leave ¼ inch head space and process in water bath for 10 minutes.  This jelly will make 6 half pint jars.


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