Friday, July 27, 2012

Milk - Body Scrub - Final Day Register * Give - Away *

Block ice from ½ gallon milk containers.  When milk is purchased, it’s immediately placed in glass bottles and the ½ gallon containers are cleaned with hot soapy Clorox water both inside and out. The milk cartons are then stored in our freezer to occupy any empty space (preventing the freezer from the constant running).  I picked this tip up from my gal pal SciFiChick on her blog, Bacon and Eggs.   We use the ½ gallon milk containers when we go on trips, camp, hunt, or grocery shop. The ice brick containers fit perfectly on the bottom of the cooler making it extremely easy to pack in a hurry.

On my last post, I mentioned searching the internet for ideas on making gifts for the holidays.  I came across making Sugar Scrub for your body (you know, the type you would buy at Bath and Body Works for $28.00 a container, or more in other stores).  I decided, I was going to make a container and test it for myself (make myself the guinea pig), before actually giving the scrub as a gift.    Here’s the recipe.
Sugar Scrub
1 glass or plastic jar (I used a ½ pint jar)
1 cup sugar
½ oil (baby oil or virgin olive oil)
30 drops essential oils (any scent you like)
13 drops vitamin E

Mix ingredients together and place in glass or plastic container.  Place a ribbon and label on container and present as a gift.

Items Needed


Sugar and Baby Oil Mixed Together

Add Essential Oil

Add Scrub to Jar and Wipe Edge Clean

Place Cap on Jar and Seal with Ring

I tested the body scrub in the shower and found it to be very refreshing (I used peppermint oils) and it helped with moisturizing my skin.  *****Please be extremely careful when using in the shower.  The oils will make your tub or shower extremely slick and dangerous. ******

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  1. What a great idea...and thank you for the warning.


  2. Well .. now how easy is that! What a good remedy for dry summer gardening hands .. and scratched up arms from picking raspberries! So .. did the rebatch of watermelon jelly work? I want to know .. cuz I'm still searching for the perfect melon!

    1. Mrs. Mac, Making the sugar scrub is easy. I love using it in the show after washing. Please be careful though, your shower/tub can become real slick. The watermelon jelly worked, just needed to reboil and add more pectin. I've learned that pectin and weather (together)can be a real pain in the you know what.

  3. What a great easy gift to make! Thanks for sharing!