Sunday, July 15, 2012

Drones In Oklahoma

A lot of uses, did I hear right? I can only imagine what plans have been made for other uses, can you? On a personal note, I can imagine anyone could make an unmanned aircraft. There are plenty of hobby shops where pieces of equipment could be picked up to make such a device. Thought, a homemade device could be used to help secure your property (see what’s going on in the outskirts) and may help you bug out to your safe place.


  1. LoL, a lot of uses!

    Most likely they will ban the use of these and the older remote control airplanes by private citizens. I've been seeing hints of this on the internet.

    They don't want us to have the same access to equipment that gives them (the government) an advantage over us. (Much like them wanting to take away our guns)

    I personally consider the use of them illegal by the various LEO's out there because it constitutes an illegal search of your private property. They can just use them in a general sweep with out a signed search warrant by a judge which goes against the 4th Amendment. They can do this from great distances and you never know that it happens.

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  3. Matt,

    Sorry about that, I'm going to try to type this again properly.

    I picked up on the "a lot of uses" phrase. Of course, my wheels are spinning.

    Several helicopters have been placed on my list to purchase and modify for added security.....Now where is that darn TOYS-R-US? Just teasing!!!!

    4th Amendment is a biggy here, I guess we shall see how this turns out. I've heard things myself on the interenet.

  4. I saw my first drone the other day. I was fixing to go into a store and I heard a plane that seemed too fast and too low, it was a drone. This one looked like a long skinny plane, dark blue, which surprised me, I thought they were all white.