Friday, July 6, 2012

Heat - Drought - Baby Cardinals - Corn

Today was another hot day, where I spent most of the day inside somewhere.  Most of my early morning hours were spent paying bills, picking up stuff outside, taking care of the trash, and harassing the dog.  I went into town to pick up the mail, meet Bulldog Man for lunch, and shop at Sam’s Club for some basic bulk purchases to stock up on some items we’ve used.   I truly didn’t want to complete a detailed shopping run until I have completed an updated inventory of what we have and don’t have, but need.
After watering last night, I took several pictures of heat/drought damage in and around my garden.

The corn, pictured below, has dried up and is pretty much deadL.

This is the second year in a row the corn never made it to harvest due to the heat.  The first year in this house, a tornado came through and ripped the entire garden to smithereens, and did some roof damage.  I guess we’re destined not to have home grown corn.
An update to my baby Cardinals.  When I went out yesterday, I found the two babies dead on the ground.  Momma and Papa Cardinal were screaming and flying around the entire area upset.  I’m not sure what happened, whether another bird attacked, or a feral cat (there are several in the local area) targeted the babies.

Empty Nest :-(

Look what we have here, darn birds (Sparrows)!!!  Evidence, they decided to attack yet another tomato (a plant behind the bird netting).

Have a cool and happy Friday evening everyone!



  1. Now that is cracked ground!!!!

    Marcy covered her tomatoes with netting to get the birds and chickens out. It's a pain but it works.

    May we all get rain soon.

    1. Gail,
      Yes the ground is cracked like that all over.
      I have the tomatoes covered with netting and I'm still have a Sparrow problem. They're always finding ways to get in.

  2. I won't complain that summer is just now arriving in our area. I've never had birds attack our tomatoes and we have lots of birds. Have you ever tried covering them with fabric 'floating' row covers? I use it every night over my green beans that are planted outside my fenced garden ... keeps the deer off. Lets in sun light too if used during the day.

    1. I have actually planted myself in my garden with a chair and watched the little Sparrows go after my tomatoes. To stop this frome happening, I put bird netting up and the birds seem to find their a way to get around it, lol. I have never heard of the fabric floating row covers. I'm going to have to research this and may try it. Thanks for the information Mrs. Mac.

    2. Do you have a bird bath? Maybe the birds are thirsty??

    3. Mrs. Mac, I sure do, it's homemade and I put fresh water in it twice a day along with the birdfeeder. Both the feeder and bird bath have been setup away from the garden.

  3. oh Sandy - i am so sorry about this drought!!! i will try and send some rain your way. oh those poor babies - that is just awful! and your poor tomatoes - jeesh!

    i am sending lots of love and hoping that you get some rain soon! your friend,

    1. Sweet Kymber, Please send rain, a dance outside for me!!!! I was so mad when I seen those little baby Cardinals dead on the ground. Thank you for the love, have a great day!
      Remember, say Hello to Jambaloney for us :-)
      Your Friend, Sandy

  4. oh Sandy - we are expecting rain this afternoon and i promise that me and jambaloney will run around in the buff and do some rain dancing just for you.

    now keep this between us k? i have some connections with rain storms and the like - i promise to put in a good word for you!

    jambaloney says thanks for always thinking of him and he asked that i send you a virtual hug and kiss!

    here it is honey: xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Sweet Kymber and Jambaloney,
      Sure......I'll keep the rain dance in the buff between us, lol ;-) Bahahahahaha!!!!! I appreciate any and all connections you have with the rain storms. We can sure use some rain, even if it's to just enough to cool the day.
      I feel the pressure change here today (hips and back hurt) and it's extemely hot and humid. I just got up from a nap, Bulldog Man is still resting. It's to hot to do anything outside. Thanks for the virtual hug and kisses! Bulldog Man and I send hugs and kisses back to both of you x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0

  5. We bought yet ANOTHER weather radio that I programmed for our area, and my area in Indiana. I was ready to go! This morning I hear of storms in Indiana, raking away the 105 heat and I wondered why the radio didn't start squawking in the middle of the night. "Oh," Stud said. "I turned it off."


    Your area sounds like hell in paradise and the loss of corn and tomatoes portends less canning and preserving - but would you want to in this heat?

    I'm so sorry, but it's mother nature going through menopause all over the place.

  6. We have a weather radio just for storm notification. The radio is programmed for our county however, it still rings for surrounding areas and will keep you up all night when a storm is brewing. Being in Oklahoma during the tornado season I would rather be up with the radio to prepare for a tornado then be a victim of the tornado.
    The corn here is a gonner but my roma tomatoes are doing pretty good. I have about 50 tomatoes in various sizes and colors and I have another 200-300 flowers on the plants.
    I would still can if I had a harvest. I never thought about all of this heat and drought as mother nature going through menopause. Probably because I'm going through menopause myself, lol....

  7. Sandy,
    sorry about your drought and losing your corn and all. My chickens love my strawberries- it is frustrating when animals eat OUR food. Juneau, AK had the wettest May and coldest June on record. Yesterday here in the PNW, we had 101 temps and a lightning/thunder/rain storm in the evening. Go figure!

  8. Rose,
    I'm going to try to plant more corn in a couple of weeks (late summer planting). Darn those chickens, they just love human food. That kind of sounds like my little sparrows, they keep getting my tomatoes even with secured netting around. I would love to have some evening showers or rain. Have a great day!