Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday - Sunday

On this Sunday, Bulldog Man and I finished cutting and weed whacking the remainder of the property this morning just after the sunrise.  We looked for the little copper head snake (aka: little bastard) and any of his family members in and around the garden area.  Not a sign of any little or big bastards hanging around J YAY!!!! Obviously, the snake(s) knew Bulldog Man and I were on a mission to destroy.
Updates on garden; the green peppers I posted previously with buds have produced peppers.

We have a new addition to the garden, baby Cardinals.  I snapped a picture,
they’re sleeping while Mom and Dad  Cardinals are foraging for worms and
screaming because I’m close to their babies.

Here are a couple of cloud pictures on our way up to Guthrie, Oklahoma that I would like to share with a few of my Blogger friends.

I have this fascination with old structures and thought I would share some of the buildings I came across today while driving to Guthrie.

Water Works Building

The Old Clothier School (fenced in to protect)

The Old State Capital Building (Guthrie used to be the State Capital of Oklahoma)

How was your Sunday?



  1. i looove cardinals!!! we had a family that lived in our yard back in the city but sadly, there are no cardinals here in Framboise. i love the pics of the old buildings - i love old buildings too! the sky pics are pretty, as well, but then you know that i love sky pics - bahahahah! congrats on the peppers and not finding any snakes!

    your friend,

    1. Sweet Kymber, I'm surprised you don't have Cardinals there in Framboise. But then again you have other beautiful birds we don't have like the Finch. It's nice, we both have something in common when it comes to clouds and old buildings :-)
      Thanks, I'm glad we didn't find the snakes and I'm very happy I have peppers.

  2. I love cardinals, I have a pair that visit each morning along with a pair of doves. Nice buds on the peppers, ours are in bud also...YES!!

  3. Love cardinals, we have them here. Our cat stalks them but they are way too quick for him. Good luck on the peppers. I have about 8 on my small plants. Trying to let them ripen to red before picking but it will probably get too hot before that happens.

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping the peppers are full grown before it gets to hot.