Friday, March 30, 2012

TGIF - Thank You - Pizza - WATER!!!!

Thank you to Abbe @ Chaos, blog name  and Double B Homestead for joining my site. Please sit back and enjoy the ride!!!

On Wednesday’s post I made Italian bread.  Today, I used the same dough recipe and made pizza crust.  The pizza turned out fantastic and the family loved it.  There’s enough to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

We received our materials today by UPS to start our water filtration system.  Bulldog Man opened up the boxes and took inventory on the small items needed to complete the job. In a couple of minutes, we will be running into town to hit up Home Depot for the parts (drill bits).  I’m so excited that we will have a filtration system that works.  We were initially going to buy a Berkey (which is gorgeous and a bit expensive since we had to pay for my oral surgery), when we came across a post by Mike Yukon at about building your own filtration system.  His post even identified the items needed to build the water system along with the instructions to put it together.  With purchasing the materials and building the system ourself we will be able to save around $220.00.  Sometime over the next week Bulldog Man will be putting our water filtration system together (I will take pictures and post the finished product to my blog).    

Don't forget about the Give Away, refer to Tuesday's, post.


  1. The pizza looks great, made me hungry when i was reading your blog.

    1. The pizza was really good, it made for another meal the next day too.