Saturday, March 17, 2012

Is The Weekend Over Yet?

Happy St. Patty’s Day to everyone! 
Friday was the start to a busy weekend.  I went into town to go to Sam’s Club to pick up some bulk items needed, did some grocery shopping and filled the truck up with gas for our Saturday trip into Texas. 
While on spring break our son, Tank wanted to go down to his grandparents house in Weatherford, Texas and help them on their property.  So this morning, we rolled out of bed, loaded his bags in the truck, and headed out toward Weatherford.  Interstate 35 was a goat rope down by Marietta due to road construction, picture below. 

We took a pit stop (brief bathroom break) and came across this bus…..go Pokes!!!  I took a picture for all you OSU fans J

The Start of the Arbuckles

We passed by this casino while on the highway (I love listening to Heart, wish I had tickets).

Woohoo, finally in Texas, we also passed the Texas Motor Speedway.

We literally arrived at my parent’s house, dropped Tank off, visited for 20 minutes and made a complete turnaround, back to Oklahoma.  Here are a couple of pictures of the Court House of Weatherford and downtown (quaint, little town).

While coming back on Interstate 35, traffic going southbound toward Texas was a goat rope.   Bulldog man and I were happy we were not part of the parking lot. 


Beans is exhausted on the return home, he’s decided to sleep.

Bulldog man bought me a new appliance for the house, a dehydrator.  I can’t wait to use it on vegetables, fruit and jerky.  I know what I will be doing this week.

The onions planted earlier, are looking so much better and my lettuce seeds are now producing (check out the little nubs below).  Tuesday, we will do some more seed planting.  The local weather service is indicating 100 % rain and bad storms for Monday.   

Lettuce peaking through


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