Thursday, March 22, 2012

Electric Lights

Electric lights, a feature we’ve been using since the creation of the electric light bulb by Thomas Alva Edison in 1879 (patented January 27, 1880).  So many people take electric lights for granted.  What if your light’s source is not available?  Maybe a storm rolls through, or your electric company decides to participate in the rolling black outs to save on electric in order to service all residents without overloading generators and power stations. 
Do you have a secondary means of light for your home and business?  Are you prepared?  There are so many sources out there to fall back on.  Solar, wind and generator are great for power sources, but what about light?  Do you have stored light sources?  Items purchased or made, such as:  camping lights/lanterns, oil lamps, candles, flash lights, solar lights, book lights, outdoor solar lights, matches, and lighters. 
After living through multiple hurricanes (specifically hurricane Andrew with 200 MPH winds, this was the first time I was really scared), power outages and now tornadoes; I’ve learned to make sure all rooms in my house have some form of lighting other than electric. For emergencies, every bedroom has a flash light next to the bed.

As always, with open flame sources of light, extreme caution MUST be used.

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