Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weather, Vegetable Garden, Rose Bushes, and Flowers

Temperatures reached 76 degrees, with a slight breeze and the sun was shining.  Today turned out to be another beautiful day, so beautiful that I found myself outside planting more seeds, green Chiles (Hatch Green Chiles- YUMO!!!!), green peppers, and more lettuce.  I finally planted my celery ends that have been in water for several weeks (keeping my fingers crossed and hope the celery ends like the soil).

Two Celery Ends

Tonight, Bulldog man and Tank (our son wants me to use his football nickname now), picked up more soil, peat moss, and manure, mixed it up, and placed it in the garden box they made for me yesterday.  Guess what I will be doing tomorrow? Planting more veggies!  I’m so excited! Our garden is finally coming together.  I can’t wait until we can harvest our vegetables and fruit, and start canning.  
I’m going to pray that we have a summer that is not “hotter than the seven gates of hell!!!!”  Or a summer where it continuously rains, requiring an Ark be made to get around.
Today was an extremely productive day. I was able to clean the entire house, and get all the laundry done before the weekend. 
My roses have even started producing green leaves, and the branches are getting full.  Apparently, my roses love the handful of Epsom salt I placed in each pot a couple of weeks ago.  I love Epsom salt, but not just for long, hot baths.  Epsom salt is great for tomatoes, garden startup, house plants, trees, and grass. 
New Leaf Growth On Rose Bush
Gotta Love Annuals



  1. Darnit, I forgot to save the last celery end! (slaps forehead) Let us know how yours does in the soil.

    1. Carolyn Renee,
      Don't slap you forehead so hard, lol
      I sure will, I hope they survive. Have a good evening.