Sunday, April 1, 2012

Give Away - Medieval Festival - Nap

The sunrise this morning.

Photo Provided By NewsOK

Photo Provided By NewsOK

Photo Provided By NewsOK

Another beautiful day, sun shining and the temperatures peaked at 88 degrees.  Bulldog Man, Tank and I took a break from working on the property and went into town to attend the Medieval Festival.  The festival had all kinds of things to see.  Reenactments of battles, jousting knights on horseback, jugglers, blacksmiths, silversmiths, and a coppersmith, Merlin the magician, jugglers, story tellers, arts, crafts, games and all kinds of food.   Because it was so hot out, we only stayed for about 1 ½ hours.  We needed to get out of the sun and into some shade to cool down.  We returned back to our homestead and Bulldog Man and I decided a nap was calling our name.  Sometimes you just need to slow down because life just gets in the way, and that is what we did today.

Today is the final day to register for The Backyard Homestead (book) give away.  If you would like to register, go to my March 27th post and provide me with your name, e-mail address and tell me why you like spring.  A winner will be announced on Monday, April 2nd.


  1. What a fun outing! Your weather sounds nice. Our spring is fickle .. even a bit of snow this morning.

  2. Mrs. Mac
    I don't understand Spring this year. Usually the weather would be in the 70's, not the high 80's this time of year. Fickle, I agree. Ya'll should have beautiful weather this time of year with no snow. I hope it warms ups a little for you.

  3. We have a couple of local "knightly" groups- one of which will do special events with proceeds going to charity.

    So my wife signed them up for my sons 6th birthday to battle it out in our back yard.

    Very loud, lots of fun, and the cost was pretty close to the usual rent a place type deal.

    Of course our neighborhood is 95% little girls, and while there were little boys imported from other neighborhoods, they were still greatly in the majority. So by the end of the day, we had little girls (some had come wearing princess outfits) running around with my sons collection of toy swords thwaking each other.

    1. LOL, there's nothing better than thwaking each other. Your son must of had a blast on his 6th Birthday. I bet Mom and Dad did too :-)
      Thank you for coming over to my blog.

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