Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thank You - Hubby Down - Garden

When I have time to slow down, I so look forward to just sitting down in front of the computer with a cup of hot tea or coffee and read posts from friends, or shall I say my Blogger Family. I always look forward to hearing about their trials and tribulations.  I’ve learned new things about being self reliant/prepping.  I’ve picked up tips on gardening, canning, making bread, and the use of certain tools and equipment.   I’ve found myself in awe….viewing pictures of their children, dogs, cats and farm animals.  I find myself laughing so hard at times with (not at) my blogger friends when they write about the stubborn, independent-minded farm animals; especially when you want the animal to move or go somewhere and the animal has other thoughts.   I also feel their pain when dealing with medical issues, financial situations, hardships and death.  I also commend you for taking on issues and standing proud for America, the Preppers, and the Farmers. 
This weekend, we accomplished very little.  First and for most my muscle, Bulldog Man (hubby, the man I love), is down and out with a massive migraine.  These migraines have been occurring more often lately.  His primary physician has referred him to see a neurologist. So I tried to make Bulldog Man comfortable and I tried to sneak around the house and property without making noise. 
This weekend, I purchased a new tomato and green pepper plant with vegetables already growing and multiple flowering buds.  I also picked up materials to cover my garden from those pesky little birds.   I spent some time outside weeding and then had to come in out of the humidity. 
I went through my coupon book and cleaned out all the old coupons and restocked it with new in preparation for the next grocery run which will be sometime real soon.  Planned the next two weeks of meals and set aside money for the trip.  Then I decided to finish work on our laundry for the week. 
Below are some pictures from the weekend.  Where did you spend your time for the weekend?  In the garden?

Blueberry Bush, growing really good.

Birds ate all the leaves off of celery.



  1. Sandy - i feel the same way as you when it comes to my blogging family! i have learned so much from so many different people and they are always there to help and it makes for a very nice feeling in my heart!

    as for your husband - ugh. i suffer from migraines too. i have tried a million different prescriptions (i hate taking pills) and i have tried a million different herbal remedies - absolutely nothing works. the only thing that works is laying in bed in complete darkness and no noise. sometimes i have them for 3-4 full days - those are the worst.

    question - has your husband ever had a bad bang to his head? especially as a child?

    your friend,

    1. Kymber, Good morning, I myself have suffered migraines, but nothing over a day. My husband is a military vet, he has injuries all over his body. Specifically with neck and back. GP Doc believes the migraines are from nerve and arthritis damage. We are hoping the neurologist will provide ideas/suggestions for relief. As for head injuries as a kid, I'm not aware of any. Does threatening hubby with popping him in the head with a frying pan if he doesn't sleep qualify, Bahahahaha! (Now that's a joke, hubby and I always joke about getting out the frying pan and popping each other in the head if we don't sleep). I'm sorry to hear you also suffer terrible migraines. I agree complete darkness, no noise, no smells seem to be the only relief.

  2. I've been on a visit to my folks home and am returning today to my family. The whole time I've been gone, I've been hoping my tomatoes growing in my little greenhouse are doing OK. Tomorrow will be a day to get back to my routine.

    I hope your hubby has gotten over the migraine headache by now. Those are big tomato and pepper plants you bought. Have a blessed week.

    1. Mrs. Mac, I hope your tomatoes are okay too. You will have to let me know how they are when you get home. It's hard not to worry over plants and gardens when you work really hard to get them to grow. My little tomato plants are about 4 inches tall and will be transplanted real soon into the garden bed. When I went to the store, I couldn't pass on these plants, I
      had to buy them. I really want some big tomatoes this year, I keep praying.
      My Hubs is feeling better the headache broke, but lasted most of the weekend.