Saturday, April 14, 2012

Water Filtration

Since my dental surgery ate a hole in our budget for buying the Big Berkey water filtration system, we decided to make our own water filtration system.  We started investigating blog posts and anything we could capture off the internet on making your own water filtration system.  When we came across a blog post by Mike Yukon at, he wrote “Gravity Fed, Safe Drinking Water Filter” dated January 28, 2011.  His post provided a brief instruction, a list of all the materials, and the sources needed to create your water filtration system.  From there, we ordered the materials and within 1 ½ weeks we received everything.   Bulldog Man finished this project in less than 20 minutes, including cleaning all the buckets and filters. He also went ahead and placed water in the black bucket (raw water). This will take approximately 12 hours to filter through the ceramic filters into the blue bucket (safe water).  Of course we want to run water through the system several times before using it.  I have provided several pictures below of the process and final product.


Drill holes in the bottom of raw water bucket for filter attachment.

Attaching Filters

Attached Filters

Safe Water Bucket Lid, Marked Where Filters Will Sit, Bulldog Man Drills Holes

Clean Up Holes

Bulldog Man Drills A Hole In The Safe Water Bucket For Spigot

Bulldog Man Placing Spigot Into Safe Water Bucket With Beans Watching

Spigot In Safe Water Bucket

Final Product, A Water Filtration System!!!!

With completing this project, we saved $200.00.



  1. I'm wondering if the plastic will leach (sp?) into the water? What do you think?

    1. The buckets are food grade FDA approved with HDPE (used for water, juice and milk)with protective barrier properties.

  2. Wow! In all my do-it-yourself-iness, making your own water filter system did not occur to me. This is so fantastic!

    I suppose it must be possible but difficult, if one can make holes in glass and can find nice large glass containers, that one could fiddle with the plans to adapt to glass containers. Say something like this and use the bottom of this thing

    Anyway, I'm off to check the link you gave. Thanks! (New here.)

    1. Natalia,

      Your very welcome. I would be careful using glass, it may break. Now the containers we used are food grade containers that will not leak. I would go this route because it's not as expensive and it stands up better than glass. Good Luck!

    2. True, if making this for a disaster situation, glass's brittleness is a very important consideration. We all do so much canning in glass jars, though! For those who are concerned about using any kind of plastic, stainless steel would be an option.

    3. Oh, sorry for multiple posts, but I found these Doulton ceramic filters on Amazon on sale for $21.49 just now.

  3. Oh yeah, also found a glass bottom.

    Would not be easy though. Maybe working with stainless still would be easier if people were worried about plastic (even FDA approved.)


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