Sunday, September 2, 2012

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I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome Terri at Terri Buster.  Thank you for joining my blog.  Hey Blogger friends, check out these blogs, you won’t be disappointed.  Glad to have you following my blog, please sit back and enjoy the ride.                                    
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Our Saturday morning breakfast, Amish Baked Oatmeal, came from a recipe posted by Katie on My Old Kentucky Homestead blog.  I used blueberries as the fruit on the bottom of the pan.  My entire family loved the oatmeal.  This recipe is a keeper!  As Katie did in her post, I cut back the amount of sugar the recipe required.  For your convenience, I have enclosed the link to Katie’s recipe.

Later in the afternoon, Bulldog Man and I headed into town to visit a local army surplus store.  I had every intention on spending some money to pick up a few things we had on our wish list and we came across a few other items we didn’t have on the list.
We purchased a new military green cloth tool case.  I plan on using it for a smaller first aid kit to replace the one in our truck.  Bulldog man picked up an ammo can we needed.  He also picked up another flash light, this one was small and it will replace the other one that just broke.  It’s a neat little flash light from Redline, with 220 lumens of supreme brightness – 150 yard visibility.  Options of several different modes:   220 lumens, 110 lumens, 22 lumens, S.O.S. mode, and defensive strobe. The body is made from anodized aircraft grade aluminum, has a powerful magnetic base, and a rear, glow in the dark, tactical button.   We also purchased a new Tactical vest, reasonably priced, at under $20.00. 

The yellow square is a sticker with the price,
 it since has been removed.

Tool bag, going to make it a first aid kit for my truck.

Our son has been looking for a baseball type cap with the logo “Don’t Tread on Me.” We found a cap there and picked it up for him. We also found this gallon bag full of gun cleaning patches relatively cheap compared to Academy or Bass Pro Shop. The army surplus store used a military backpack cover as an actual store bag to carry out our merchandise.  Bulldog Man and I spent nearly an hour in the surplus store and that was not enough time to see everything. I think we’re going to have to make another stop at the surplus store in the next week or two. Now I’m going to have to bring cash and set a limit because a person can really drop some cash shopping here J 

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  1. Very, VERY dangerous going into the surplus stores without a strict budget! But OH SO FUN!! :)

    1. Carolyn Renee,

      OMG.....yes, it's very dangerous, and fun, lol
      My husband was in heaven, lol.....a toy store for grown men and women :-)

  2. We used to have an army surplus store in the area, but they closed up for some reason. You got some great finds!

    1. Yes, I think we did.
      You know now that I think about it, there used to be all kinds of army surplus stores and now there very few.