Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cheap Outing

I’m learning Windows 7 with this new computer, and getting frustrated because I’m old (not that old though…lol) and so used to my old system.  Give me time and I will adapt!

We woke this morning to rain, well needed rain for this state.  In our local area, in the last 5 days, we have received 4 inches of rain, hallelujah!!!!

Today was one of those days where we needed to get outside and enjoy the wildlife in a common location.  The yearly Oklahoma Wildlife Expo was held at the Lazy “E” Arena this weekend.  A wonderful place to bring little ones and even the old farts like me, lol….  Everything was free, except for special snacks/food from venders.

I took a pictures, and thought I would share a few with you, enjoy!

Large cross on the side of the road to Expo

I captured this canoe for Kymber and Jambaloney, lol.....

Redtail Hawk in training
Making bows by hand
All types of snakes

Flint Knapping
Bow and Arrow Shooting



  1. Hey Sandy,

    Love the pics, especially the cross, all but the snakes, they creep me out.

    Sooo glad you got rain. I pray for it for the rest of the drought stricken!

    1. DFW, The cross is amazing, especially at night when all lit up. You can see this cross several miles out. I'm happy for the rain, there are other areas that still need it.

  2. Looks like a great day! Loved the cross, the snakes not so you got rain I know it was needed!

    1. I love the cross too, it's beautiful.
      Snakes are not my favorite critter.
      Yes, the rain was needed.

  3. I love a cheap date. BTW, I had to be drug kicking and screaming into the computer age so don't feel alone.

    1. I love a cheap date too. We're trying to cut back on all kinds of things. Eventually we will be able to buy land we want. Computers are helpful to a point, after that point.....forget it!!!

  4. I know how you feel about Windows 7. Wife got a new puter last year with 7 and is still fighting with it. Change is not always good! My puter needs replacing and I am dreading it. For one I don't like computer technology change as it rarely does anything better, just more complicated. The other thing is they are changing from 32 bit to 64 bit systems, so all my 2003 Microsoft Office programs don't or barely function with 7. So another $500.00 out the window.

  5. I still have my old system and computer. As long as this computer works, I will keep using it. I was thinking about buying a bigger monitor! It looks like the Expo was fun! I would really enjoy the bow and arrow shooting!

    1. Did know that some computer monitors in most, not all cases are move expensive than buying a flat screen tv. There are flat screen tv's that have computer hookup on the back of them. We found a 32 inch flat screen for just at $200 bucks and we have our computer hooked to it along with our family television so we can watch abc, cbs, nbc, fox, bravo, lifetime ect... at no cost. The only thing was we had to make sure we had an HD cable to hookup on the back on the computer to go to the family television. You can buy the HD cable at Sams Club for $29 instead of $80+ at most stores. Then we just move the screen over to the family television (electronically) and watch tv shows. When done, we minimize the screen and move it back to our computer screen (electronically).
      The expo was a blast. They had plenty of bow and arrow shooting and making. There was also gun shooting.

  6. Oh my goodness, You're learning Windows 7 just as Windows 8 is coming out, LOL. Ubuntu Linux fan here.

    The expo looks like it was fantastic. Just the kind of thing we would have loved back in our homeschooling days.

    1. Yes Ma'am, I am learning Windows 7. We know Windows 8 will be out soon, and just decided to stick with 7 for a while. So far, I'm not a fan of 7. This old lady here (me), needs to learn 7 and stop being set in my ways, lol....
      The expo was really great, I think the expo would have been a good thing for kids being homeschooled.
      Have a wonderful evening.