Saturday, September 29, 2012

This and That

It seems like everything happens in the pattern of three...........

First, it was our son, he had surgery completed on his hand. Update, after one week, stitches were removed. Xrays taken, hand starting to adapt to all the metal inside. Doctor placed a permanent cast until we see the doctor again where he will remove a couple of pins.

Second, Bulldog Man injured in the head by tools falling from a shelf in a large home improvement store. Update, head still slightly sore. No more evidence of bruise and no longer with headache.

Third, yes.......third :-( . The darn computer decided it wanted to die. Update, Bulldog Man attempted to revive the computer. After trying everything, the computer was successfully used as target practice :-) We had no choice but to invest in a new computer.

I'm back, working on a new computer system. Please bare with me if the fonts and setup are different from the one I previously used.

News from the home front.........

It's been raining for the last several days continously, providing approximately 2 - 3 inches of water to our dried out grass and trees. The grass looks vibrant green now. Yes, when it stops raining we're going to have to cut the grass again. I won't complain, the property actually looks nice with the green grass compared to the burnt crap.

For the first time, this morning we actually slept in until 10:00 AM, this is truly not usual for us. I jumped out of bed, ran to the kitchen to put the crock pot on to start our country boneless beef ribs so they would be ready for this evening's dinner. Prepped the ribs with garlic salt, pepper, beef broth and beer. Left them in the crock pot until 5:45 PM. Cooked just right, the ribs were just falling apart. To compliment the ribs, we had corn on the cob and baked beans. Everything was delicious, sorry, no pictures of the meal.

I also made some more banana bread with the over-ripen bananas for the freezer, but it never made it to the freezer. Several pieces were cut for our late breakfast; only half of the loaf remains.

We, I mean I.....had been craving carmel covered apples with salted peanuts; no I'm not pregnant. I ran into town and purchased some carmel chips, salted peanuts, and apples, to make carmel apples to satisfy my craving. 



  1. Oh man, your dinner sounds so delish! I'm not making anything special tonight as I've been canning ketchup all day .. and hubby is working. Well .. at least the computer made a good target ;) that must have been fun.

    1. Dinner was delish!!! I read on your blog that you were making ketchup. Another busy day canning I take it :-) The computer made a great target.

  2. I'm too late to make dinner. That sounds so good.

    Our favorite way to make ribs in bake them in liquid smoke, drain that when they are fork tender then cook with bar-b-q sauce on top. Finger licking good.

    1. You are a little late for dinner but there is a little left already packed in a lunch box. I will share with you :-)
      Hubby's stomach is sensitive to somethings right now, so we didn't do the bbq sauce. Baking in liquid smoke and putting bbq sauce on them sounds delishes.

  3. Wow, you've had a week! Glad to hear your son's hand is healing, but OUCH! Hands and feet are the hardest to numb and pain meds are almost useless! Your hubby had stuff fall on him? What did they say at the store?
    I feel your pain on replacing computers, mine generally die in 6 months...I cant wear watches either. Glad you at least had a decent taget to use. October will be a better month God willing! Hang in there

    1. Yes, it's been quite a week. My son is not looking forward to going back to the doc in a couple of weeks to get some pins out. The rest of the metal stays in for life.
      Hubby did have tools (big and heavy ones)fall on his head. The store took a report and offered to pay for his medical expenses.
      October needs to be a better month. I will hang in there, thanks :-)

  4. If I could get rid of my diabetes, I'd arm wrestle you for those caramel apples...and I'd win.

    My brother (back in the 60's) had hand surgery and was constantly squeezing on a rubber ball, then he advanced to those hand exercisers that look like a giant paper clip that he would squeeze, working against a spring in the end.

    1. I would enjoy a good arm wrestle, lol
      Our son will probably need to do the same with his hand.