Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Temperature Change - Rain - Fire - Life

Yesterday, early morning, the clouds rolled in and temperatures took a nice nose dive.  It was actually 72 degrees in the early morning hours.
The afternoon temperature peaked at 105; that was before the rain.  Yes, we had a nice gentle rain for 45 minutes, and a beautiful double rainbow appeared.  Sorry, no pictures. We went into town to meet up with some friends to have dinner, they were returning home to Texas in their RV from their family visit to Wisconsin.   We had a great dinner and visit at the local Indian Casino. 
This morning, I went in for a follow up with my Orthopedic Surgeon on my hip pain.  He wanted to see how things were going after weeks of physical therapy.  The end result, a nice big needle in the really bad hip and another needle in a couple of weeks for the other hip.   I was totally surprised on how painless the procedure was.  The doctor used a sonogram machine and one really big Ass needle; yes I said the word Ass.   Approximately 6 minutes later, my throbbing pain was gone.  The doctor stated “by tomorrow you won’t feel anything”.  I can’t wait!!!!   As for the lower back, we will continue therapy at the gym.

In conclusion, our fires are contained.  Prayers are being sent to those families who lost their homes, farms and one dear family who lost a loved one in the fire.  The fire closest to our home was like walking through hell.  It was 100 feet tall, burning through fields, forest, homes, farms, cars and gas tanks.  The fire burned fast and furious, everything now looks terribly devastated, black, dried out, and dead. 
I share with you a new life, a new bloom of my orchid.  It’s something alive and not devastated.  God Bless Oklahoma,




  1. Oh, Happy you were able to meet up with friends but sorry to hear of the life lost.
    Thank God those fires were contained. I grew up in Calif and remember fires every summer. So hard on the folks that lived there but the land will recover and be even more lush and green next year.

  2. Thanks Katie, I'm happy the fires were contained. This was bad so far, I can only imagine if the fires weren't contained.
    It's going to be hard for many for sometime. From what I understand, many families didn't have insurance. All we can do is help the best we can and pray for them. Next year things will start to perk up again and start to really grow back.

  3. Beautiful pictures. So glad the procedure helped the pain. Being in pain is, well a pain. Not only does it hurt, but just dealing with it is draining.

    1. Thank you :-)
      When you have on going pain, it truly does take it's toll.

  4. Replies
    1. Finally right!!!! Starting tomorrow, temperatures are suppose to stay in the 90's for a couple of days. I'm stoked!!
      Did you end up getting rain the day you were working with the hay?

  5. That lake on the top of your blog would be awful good on a 105 degree day.

    1. It sure would be however, it's not close enough to go to every day.

  6. oh Sweet Sandy - i am so glad that the shot helped and that you will continue therapy for your back. you are right girl, so many have been affected by these fires - we must all pray. your orchid is as beautiful as you are my dear!

    your friend,

    1. Sweet Kymber,
      Yes, the shot has helped. This morning I had some side effects. Flashing badly, but this is an effect I am more than willing to deal with if the major pain disappears.
      I keep watching the fires on the news and just going outside to see how close to make sure we're okay. Thank you for your sweet compliment.
      You and Jambaloney are dear friends. I so love chatting with both of you.
      I want do know how sailing was on your yacht? I hope you two didn't get sun burned.

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