Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spider - Raspberry Vinegar

I’m not a big fan of spiders, especially when you get up in the morning and go to run the water in the sink to make coffee and a big spider jumps from the sink at you. I screamed, not expecting a spider, and our son came running asking, “what’s wrong Mom”??  By this time, I already had the spider captured in an old jelly jar.   Apparently sometime during the night this spider ended up in the sink and couldn’t get out.  I did this so Bulldog Man could identify him when he had a chance.  This way we can figure out what were dealing with and make or buy a mix that will kill this specific spider. 

 Raspberry Vinegar, today I started to make flavored vinegar.  The vinegar will be great on salads, fruits and maybe bread.  Yet another idea, I plan on making as potential Christmas gifts.
Items Needed/Ingredients
1 large jar w/lid
1 spoon
2 (12.7 ounce) bottles of organic white wine vinegar, (I used oak aged vinegar, and you can use any white wine vinegar.  I will also keep the bottles the vinegar came in, wash them, remove labels and will reuse at the end of this process)
4 (6 ounce containers of fresh raspberries)
*3 cups sugar (after 10 days)
Place all raspberries in large jar.  Pour both bottles of white wine vinegar in jar. Stir container, seal tightly and place container in a cool dark place for 10 days.  Make sure to stir daily for 10 days.  After 10 days, strain berries from vinegar. Place vinegar in a pot, add 3 cups of sugar and boil until all sugar is dissolved.  Let cool and place in bottles (existing bottles, seal and label).  To decorate, place a Christmas bow or homemade decoration on the bottle. 

Items/Ingredients Needed

Place Raspberries into Jar

Add White Wine Vinegar

Stir and close lid

Store in a dark and cool place for 10 days (remember to stir each day). After 10 days, I will update my blog with next steps (steps outlined above).


  1. I have an insane fear of spiders and every time I see one I think BROWN RECLUSE!!! and shiver.

    1. Lotta Joy,
      Oklahoma is known to have Brown Recluse, Black Widow, Wolf and many others. I'm not a spider person.

  2. Spiders don't bother me at all, but I generally don't keep them in

    Vinegar looks yummy. Might try that.

    1. The spider was in the jar for identification purposes. He's gone now, lol....

      I stirred the vinegar this morning, need to wait 9 more days before I can strain it and add sugar.

  3. dear Sweet Sandy - i thought i had already left a comment here but our internet has been wonky lately. if i did already leave a comment and you just haven't gotten to it yet, ignore this comment, if that makes any sense - bahahahahah!

    we've been picking wild raspberries every day for weeks now - we are freezing the majority of them, dehydrating some to see if it is worth it but you KNOW that i will be using your recipe and making some delicious vinegar - thanks soooo much for sharing! yummmeh! lots of love to you and BDMan!

    your friend,

    1. Sweet Kymber,
      I didn't get your first message but I got this one and published it, :-)
      Raspberries are delicious and I can think of so many things to make with them, but um....the recipes would be really really fattening recipes, lol...I could put 20 lbs on just with one recipe, lol....
      Raspberry vinegar is delicious over fresh salad or fruit. Enjoy!!! Let me know what you think.
      Lot's of love to you and the Jam Man heheheheehe

  4. Sweet Sandy - i am planning to use some of the raspberries in our home-made yoghurt and home-made kefir over the winter. we are not big on desserty-type things like cakes or pies and whatnot, strange eh? so we tend to use our berries in yoghurt, kefir, oatmeal and the like. i can already taste that raspberry vinegar, with hemp oil and hemp seeds, on a variety of delicious salads, greens and fruit bowls. oh yummeh. this winter is going to be filled with delicious stuff that you normally can't get here locally. i can't wait to try it out and i will definitely let you know what i think. gonna make blueberry, blackberry and dewberry vinegar also. thanks hon! xxoxoxoxo

    1. Sweet Kymber,
      There are so many recipe possibilities, I could be here forever talking about them, lol.....
      Blueberry, blackberry and dewberry vinegars sounds great!!! I'm also thinking maybe a raspberry mask for facials, what do you think?
      Have a great day and give Jambaloney a hug from your Okie friends.
      Your Friend,
      Sandy and BD Man

  5. I really need to do this! Love Raspberry vinegar! :)

    1. Glo,

      I have been stirring every day and placing my jar in a dark cool place. It smells amazing. On Saturday, I get to strain the vinegar and cook the sugar in, cool my vinegar, and package it up. I can't wait!!!!
      One bottle will be for us and the other as a possible Christmas gift. I've been trying to make all of my gifts this year.

  6. Did you find out what kind of spider that was? I hate them. Mainly because once they bite you, you can't find the bugger or have squished the living daylights out of him and can't identify the 1/36th part that is left.

    1. DFW,

      Yes, it was a Wolf Spider. Doesn't matter, I hate any kind of spider, lol