Thursday, May 17, 2012


This morning was my time to finish up cutting the property with the recently fixed lawn mower (the new blade).  I made cutting the grass a two day event because it was just too darn hot out yesterday, 94 degrees. I made sure to cut it short, so I have more time in-between before having to cut again. At the end of the property we have a large stack of branches to be hauled off today.  From these branches we cut and harvested some wood for our portable wood cook stove and campfire and placed it next to our garage door (great for easy pickup and bug out if necessary).

Bulldog Man decided to come home from work this afternoon and join me for lunch.  So I whipped together an egg omelet, using a green pepper and onion from our garden.  Adding kale (yes, kale cut up real fine. I wanted to use it up before it turned), mushrooms and cheese.  I complimented the omelet with some toast.   Lunch was nice; it’s few and far between that my husband and I get to enjoy time together during the week at lunch.  I ended up using all of the eggs I had in the house at lunch, and I decided to make a run into town and pickup some locally harvested eggs from a farmer.  I will go out of my way to support a local farmer with his home grown/harvested vegetables, fruit, eggs, milk or meat.
Today, I came across an apricot tree.  How cool is that? I took several pictures and of course helped myself to a couple of apricots. 

I only took 4 apricots, what I really wanted to do is dig up the tree and plant it in our yard.

There is nothing better than stripping down the beds in the house and washing everything.  I love to hang things out on the clothes line in an effort to conserve energy (gas).  Plus everything smells so darn fresh.

When checking the garden and flower pots today to see how everything was growing, I realized, I have yet another pot of tomatoes that need to be split up and transferred to individual pots.  Also the potatoes in one location (sweet and white) appear to be growing like a banshee. 

Tomatoes needing transferring to individual pots

Potatoes Growing

Here’s Beans looking pathetic because he didn’t get to have his nap today, Mom has kept him up so he will sleep soundly tonight.

I also came across this beautiful flower, I think it’s an Alliums “Ivory Queen”.  I took a picture of it because I liked it.



  1. I think of laundry hanging on the line as yard art .. just beautiful. Sounds like you had a very productive day. We buy as much as possible from local farms ... as an investment in the community and small family farms. Have a blessed day.

  2. I miss air dried laundry, you're so lucky. I've told my better half that any flowering plant removed from our yard will be replaced with fruits or vegetables. Nice photos.

    1. Stephen, I love line drying for the freshness and saving energy (putting money in my pocket). I would have to agree with you on replacing flowering plants with fruit trees and vegetables. You would be saving money, feeding the family and providing wonderful material for the compost (fruits and veggies that are over ripe or dead). Also, Sweet Wife can have her flowers from the fruit trees before they produce fruit and vegetables before the veggies come about.

  3. I glanced at the blurb before clicking over and thought "man they sure have some seriously thick grass in OK, no wonder you break your mower blades." But of course the picture is of the wood. Right?

    1. Russel 1200,
      We do have some thick grass but not that thick, LMAO.
      I think it's called crabgrass (the crappy stuff).