Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day - Garden - Update

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!  My son surprised me with this beautiful watering can of flowers and a ginger bush (that he thought I could save since the place where he worked was going to throw it out).  He knows I love ginger.

The rain finally stopped and made for a beautiful day to work on the property.  After dropping Tank off at work in town, Bulldog Man and I started working on a big dead evergreen tree and several small oak trees that needed to be chopped down.  We were able to chop everything down to the stump when the chain saw decided it had enough and wanted a siesta.  Bulldog Man had to reset the chain back on the clutch.  We decided since the sun was beating down on us and it was getting hot, we would continue our work later in the day.  Besides, Bulldog Man wanted to take me out for a nice Mother’s Day lunch, so we needed to get showers and get to the restaurant in town before it got busy.  We had a fabulous lunch and then went to Academy to purchase a combination license for fishing and hunting (the season is starting and the freezer is calling).
Pile of dead and no dead trees chopped and ready to haul off
Stump to tackle

Update on the lawn mower I damaged/thought I destroyed. Bulldog Man raised the lawn mower and figured out I didn’t ruin the crank shaft, just the blade.  Thank God!!  Well not really thank God, we have to replace the blade again but it’s not as expensive as replacing a lawn mower.

Badly bent blade


The stump that destroyed the blade

I was able to pot several flowers in clay pots and place them on the back porch to make the porch a little more spring/summer like.

Looking through the bird netting, you can see my carrots, corn, and spinach, looking pretty good since the birds can’t get to them.

The kale is starting to pop up and looks good so far.

I harvested all of the onions from the garden box and prepped it to plant tomatoes.  I had 4 stacks of onions like this to clean, pack and share with some friends.

I removed some of the tomato plants from pots and placed them in a garden box. Hopefully, they’ll do a little better in the garden box.

All of my celery plants were targeted by birds and critters.  I decided to try planting another celery end in a bucket.  This time, I placed it under the bird netting on the back porch in hopes it won’t get eaten.
At the start of spring, my strawberries were looking really good in a planter, then one night we had a frost and I lost the planter of strawberries.  While in the process of clearing out the pot I found this seed with one big root.  It looks like an avocado.  I never placed an avocado in the planter; I think it came with the dirt when it was shoveled in the planter.  I placed the seed into a glass jar of water.  The seed produced additional roots and a long stem with leaves.  I decided to go ahead and plant the large seed in a bucket to see what turns up.


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