Monday, October 9, 2017

Hummingbird Down

A week and a half ago, I had two lingering hummingbirds (most of these type of birds have already ventured down south to Mexico for winter) feeding on my feeders.  This particular morning, temperatures were 62 degrees, and it was still raining from the day before. 

Both hummingbirds were sitting on the same feeder drenched of water, shivering.  When I opened my storm door to go out on the porch one hummingbird was startled and fell to the ground.  I immediately went to his rescue.  Picking him up, he looked at me, fluffed his wings, made one of those silly giggles, and flew over to the trees lining the front yard. 
The second hummingbird remained on the bird feeder shivering.  I went into my house and pulled out a towel, and a syringe full of sugar water.  When I opened the storm door the second bird was no longer sitting on the feeder.  So I went down the porch steps to the other side of the porch, and there he was lying on the ground. 
Picture of his underside.

Picture of his back.

Sat him in a towel with the bird feeder.  Then used a syringe.

I gently picked him up, went back up on the porch, where I had laid a towel down on a shelf, placed a hummingbird feeder on the shelf, and then gently laid the bird on the shelf next to the feeder placing his beak in the feeder.  He wasn’t taking the sugar water.  So I took a syringe and filled it with the sugar water.  Gently placing a droplet on the hummingbird’s beak………the bird took in the sugar water.  I continued this process for a couple of minutes.  I made sure the towel was close to the bird on all sides, except one, so he had a way to fly off.

After two hours, I watched this little hummingbird gain his energy, and fly off to the tree line in the front yard.  

These 2 birds were back at my house the very next day……I’m not sure if that was to acknowledge they appreciated my help, or just because they needed another day of sugar water before flying south to warmer temperatures.



  1. That is SO cool! You did a good thing, love it. Hummingbirds are just such amazing creatures aren't they?

  2. You did a VERY good thing. Thank you.

    1. Rev. Paul,

      These amazing little creatures are a gift from God.
      I will always try to help a little creature/animal out whenever possible.

  3. Bless your heart! I just love hummingbirds - love them. This weather must be very confusing for them. I know ours left, then came back, then left again. I try to put out as many feeders as possible and have been planting flowering plants that I know they like. You are such a dear heart! xx

    1. Susan,

      The weather is confusing for all the animals. Thanks Sweetie! I know you would do the exact same thing. We (you and I) both love animals.

  4. I like the little hummers, have them at my house also. Glad you could help them.

    1. Hey Mike,

      They are the most amazing little creatures with the sounds of a helicopter coming in.....LOL!

      I try to help animals in need.

  5. Wow, Sandy, what a neat story. I've never known hummers to have any problems like that. Good thing you figured out what to do!

  6. Good thing for those two they picked your estancia to suffer systems failure on. Women are so good at figuring out how to save animals in trouble. Must be the nurturing instinct, as I know few men who are successful in that sort of endeavor, even when they try.