Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Bad Cut, Tree/Bush Removal, Finds

Now that we live 45 minutes from town, both Bulldog Man and Tank ask me to cut/shave their heads instead of going into town for haircuts/shaves.  I’ll have you know, I’m not a barber, nor an experienced hair cutter/beautician.  However, I do make a good attempt to cut/shave their heads in style…..LOL

I’m like Penny, from the Big Bang Theory.  I try to make everyone happy and just go with the flow.  Here’s a perfect segment on hair shaving/clipping where Penny shaves / clips Sheldon’s hair, on the Big Bang Theory.  This segment was found on You Tube. 

Now let’s look at Bulldog Man’s hair shave/clip………………..
Oops!  While shaving around his ear, my hand slipped (it happens), and I cut more hair than I should.   Sorry Babe!!!

Luckily for me, my husband has a sense of humor.  He states the difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is 2 weeks :-)


The tractor has come in handy, not just for cutting grass; but tilling up the garden bed and for removing stumps, trees, and small bushes.  I had 3 small bushes, directly in front of the house, I wanted removed.  Within 5 minutes, all 3 bushes were pulled and removed from our front yard. This tractor has made short order on jobs around here.

Thrifts store finds……

I found a small bucket with a lid to use in my kitchen for compiling compost scraps to haul out to my composter.  I also found a couple of old canning jars I’m going to fill with soap, and sit on a shelf as decoration in my laundry room.

My goal is to also find some old signs to hang up in the laundry/side door entry of the house.  Here are 2 signs I just picked up.

Have you been doing anything to prepare for fall and winter this year?



  1. I cut Dan's hair too and one time I was being a bit timid so he said "give me those clippers" and proceeded to make a pass himself. He took off way more than he intended, and we still laugh about that. Husbands with good senses of humor are blessings indeed!

    Fall preps include a discussion over breakfast as to what to do with our summer's corn field. It's got all the stalks the goats didn't eat plus some humdinger weeds, all of which have to be dealt with before we can plant again. I proposed getting pigs to till it for us, but Day just wants to get the barn done. :)

    1. Leigh,

      HA!!! So Dan made the mistake.....LOL! It's fun when we can laugh at ourselves. Yes, it is a true blessing to have a husband that has a sense of humor.

      Maybe using a box blade to would help break down those humdinger weeds before tilling? Pigs will also help with the stalks and weeds however, they may make a larger mess than expected.

  2. My wife has cut my hair and trimmed my beard for many years. If I go to the barbershop in town, a haircut is $10.00, a beard trim is $6.00, and you are expected to tip around $5.00.

    M does my hair and beard better than they do, and we save the money.

    We love thrift shops. We have a little route we take, up to the big lake in the next county, to go to the humane society thrift shop and the Veterans of Foreign Wars thrift shop. Then down to the next county, to a religion based thrift shop, then to our own county to our own humane society thrift shop. We really enjoy the trip through the mountains, and have found many useful tools and other things over the years.

    It's a great way to get out, not spend a lot of money, and find things you like.

    We are about ready for winter I guess. Propane tanks up to snuff, enough wood cut and stacked, the outdoor work around the place nearly finished. I am looking forward to the snow.

    So glad you are posting again. I really enjoy visiting here, Sandy.

    1. Harry,

      You and your wife have saved some good money doing your own hair cutting, and beard trimming.

      I wish we had more thrifts shops here to support our Veteran's. We always enjoy a good thrift store, antique shop, or even an estate sale. If we can find the things we need here out on the farm for a deal, why not!!! And think about it, you are helping a family in need one way or another.

      Good to hear you're ready for winter with having your propane, and wood stack all set. I love the snow if I don't have to work hard out in it. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. The cooler air is comfortable to work out in, and you really don't have to worry about bugs, and snakes.

      Thank you dear friend, I'm happy to be back.

  3. I cut Seniors hair once and the boys bangs too.. needless to say I did not inherit my grandfathers barbering skills..

    I need to go thrift store shopping, have not been in a while. I collect old canning jars, and love those. Much love to you guys! --JUGM

    1. Senior and Glock Mom,
      LOL.....like you, I didn't inherit barbering skills. We both give it a good shot right??

      I say it's time to go do a little thrift store shopping for deals, and jars.....it's fun :-)

      Hugs and love to you guys!

  4. I hate to think of the results of my barbering anyone! I tried to groom my long-haired dachshund and even he was upset. Love your thrift finds! That lidded pot is perfect for compost!