Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Life is Good, Visitors, & Garden

My garden has been keeping me a bit busy with the clipping, watering, harvesting, weeding, and getting rid of bugs.

Today was another harvest of cucumbers, green peppers, and small tomatoes.

Bulldog Man and I decided the Pineapple Tomato plant needed a haircut and some adjustments; to make sure it was standing and getting the appropriate support it needed.  

Here’s the before and after picture……..the plant looks as if it enjoyed the haircut.
Before Hair Cut
After Hair Cut

Next to the Pineapple Tomato plant is another type of tomato plant.  My identification stake is no longer next to the plant; therefore, I’m not sure what type of tomato plant this is, but it is producing these beautiful tomatoes that actually look artificial.

The Borage seeds planted have grown nicely, and have produced these beautiful flowers.

We had a couple of unexpected visitors on the homestead today.  While cutting the grass and weed-whacking, I came across a turtle. Bulldog Man moved him out of the way and over to some water and food, while I weed-whacked around the fenced in area where Beans roams.  We both wondered where this turtle came from; being that there’s no pond or river on our property.  Later, we boxed up the turtle and took him over to a nearby park, and let him loose. 

Later in the afternoon, this little bunny came hopping over to the front part of the house and was eating the grass (aka: weeds).  We watched him/her hop off down the side of the house, and into the wooded area off the eastern side of the property.  Lucky for me, our garden is fenced off and on the inside of this fence; we have installed bamboo around the entire fence.  The rabbits have not made it into my garden……………..GOOD THING!!!!  

 I was half expecting the family of skunks to come out next to visit us.
There is a family of skunks living in the wooded area on the east side of the property.  

I’ve captured a few pictures of flowers I’d like to share today.

Instead of heating up the house, I started up our grill, browned ground beef, onions, and celery.  I added 2 quarts of homemade broth, 1 canned jar of fresh tomatoes, potatoes, and carrots from my garden; then some frozen peas.  While I sat outside and enjoyed the cooler temperatures in the shade, I let the homemade ground beef soup cook on medium heat on top of the burner of the gas grill, while Bulldog Man enjoyed smoking his pipe, with some sweet smelling hazelnut tobacco.

Life is good………….


  1. Oh Sandy life does indeed sound and look good. for you I am happy for that. Hug B

  2. Love the shape of those tomatoes, they are fascinating! Almost like large teardrops. Good food, good veggies, pretty flowers, definitely life is good. :-)

    1. 1st Man,

      Those tomatoes are so different, I wish I knew the name of them.
      Amen Brother!!

  3. That was a box turtle they don't live near water like the soft shelled or shallow shelled turtles. We get 100's of them around here.

    Surprised you don;t get armadillo visitors.

    1. PP,

      Well this turtle decided he wanted to go into the water. We let him out at this park in the grass and he walked over and went in the water.
      It's the first time we had one here on the property. We usually see them along the roads going into town.

      We have possums too!!!

      We've seen armadillos going into the mountains.......mostly on the road squished,lol...

    2. Hmmm well it might be some type of water turtle then although the center of the shell looks too high for all the water turtles I am familiar with except snappers and he doesn't have the ridgeline down the center for a snapper. Even young snappers have the ridge and a more pointy head.

      I know water turtles up here travel extensively across land during June because the larger males drive the smaller males out so we will find smaller snappers in the yard and even the barn occasionally. They will overnight in mud puddles and the like too.

      Had a huge one here last month. The wife said we had to move LOL.

    3. PP,

      I'm not sure what type of turtle it was. As soon as it realized there was water the turtle took off and took the plunge.

      I take it your wife doesn't like turtles?

  4. Sandy, I've never heard of giving a tomato plant a haircut! I'll be curious as to what it thinks, LOL

    We seem to have a turtle pass through every year. They actually move along quicker than one would think. I'm never sure where they're coming from or going to, but they're always traveling in the same direction.

    1. Leigh,
      I'm hoping the hair cut won't kill of the plant. The top of the plant was to heavy.

      Surprisingly, turtles do move fast.

  5. We have those ugly softshell turtles here. They get huge if you remember. I've heard they make a great turtle soup, but boy they are ugly.

    I've never given a tomato plant a haircut before. Does it stunt any fruit production in the process?

    1. Izzy,
      Yes, I do remember from living there. I've had turtle soup, my grandmother made it. It was really good but I'm not sure I would make it myself. It seems like an awful lot of work to get to the meat.

      I haven't had any issues in the past when clipping tomato plants however, this particular plant we did some major cutting on so we shall see if it stunts the fruit production.

  6. Hey Sweet Sandy,

    Garden looks beautiful, everything is so colorful. Last weekend I met a one legged man in a wheelchair selling mountain tomatos and plants. Bought two maters, sliced them up for a sammich, then bought three small mountain mater plants.. All I can say is how good they smell. My kids think I am a nut job by sniffin tomatoe plants every

    Ask Senior some time about his adventures with Armadillos; He has actually gone out on night ops trying to shoot one that was tearing up our mulch beds in Florida. Another one, he got trapped under a neighbors driveway, and flooded the hole with water, that dillo could not get out fast enough. They got him in a bucket then dumped him in the woods a few miles away....
    I too have clipped mater plants, but never saw any difference in fruit good luck ! Hope it works for you.

  7. JUGM,

    Thank you, my garden really took off this year. Tomato sandwiches are so good, I don't need any lunch meat........just give me tomatoes!!!

    Armadillos can really cause havoc on your property. And from what I understand, they don't taste bad either. I've never tried them, and probably never will.

    I'll have to ask Senior about his adventures with Armadillos, lol......

    Hugs to you and yours,

    1. the only way I would eat a armadillo is if there was absoluty nothing else left. They have been known to carry leprosy, and other bacterial diseases. Plus they are just dang ugly..ick

  8. Well dang. I thought we would get to see a photo of him and his pipe. I have only know one pipe smoker in my life. I hear you on the garden work. But the divine taste of what you have grown yourself makes it all worth it.

  9. Sandy,
    Your hamburger soup looks yummy. I make mine pretty much the same way, but for some reason we just don't eat much soup in the summer. I think both of us think of it as one of those "warm ya up cause its cold outside" soups. I might have to re-think that one after looking at yours!
    The only flowers I had this year were volunteers, the zinnia's from last year were nothing at all compared to the marigolds. They seem to be a larger plant this year. Did you see the picture I had of the first row of the garden. I swear it looks like someone planted them all in a row.
    You take care and give BM hugs. (and a belly rub for beaners. ;-)