Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Saturday we all woke up bright and early to hit the road toward the Lake of the Arbuckles to go fishing.  We stopped for gas and coffee. By the time we arrived, it was about 5:50AM.

We setup our equipment, our poles, and then threw our lines out at different locations in the water.  Immediately, Tank and I caught Bass.  Tank’s fish was too small by an inch, and he had to let it go; whereas mine was just perfect in size, and I placed him on the stringer.  We fished along the edge of the lake in various places.  Bulldog Man caught several fish, all of which were too small to keep. 

I was tired and decided to sit down on the rocks, and watch the guy’s fish, the water hit the shore line, while listening to the wild birds chirp, and bugs make noises.

I sit here on the small rocks lined on the side of the lake in awe, and I’m admiring all of what our Creator provided……………………………..

Funny thing, we left the lake with only one legal size fish……all the other fish were tossed back into the lake for future fishing.



  1. Oh I love fishing and the peacefulness that goes with it. Perfect day. Hug B

  2. B,

    It's very peaceful, relaxing, and enjoyable. I'm with my loving husband, son, and the great outdoors.....God's country....there's nothing more I could ask for.

  3. omg ! like I said over on Harrys blog. I love river rock. I collect them and place them in my ginormous fish tank.

    One good thing about being here at the Carolina estate, is my uncle lives about 40 miles away and has a fully stocked pond on his property..This coming Saturday we are headed there to teach the boys how to fish. They have never really been before, so Senior is super excited. I will most likely post about it this coming weekend.

    1. JUGM,

      I had no idea you collect river rock. I like playing and looking through the rock while out fishing.

      The boys are going to love going fishing. I can't read your post on the fishing trip with the boys, this should be a good read :-)

      Give the family a big hug,
      Your Friend

    2. we go to my uncles pond tomorrow...can't wait. Boys are super excited. Yes I collect river rocks for my fish. They love them.