Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tornado on Ground - Garden - Give Away

Last night we hunkered down, had all kinds of thunderstorms and extreme winds.  The animals were very nervous, pacing the floors and panting terribly, for hours.   I was worried about Bug possibly having a heart attack; I couldn’t calm her down for anything.   The weather crew here has placed several counties under a tornado watch; the winds are starting to pick up and we’re to expect severe thunderstorms again.  I’m sending prayers to all of my friends in Arkansas, Kansas, and Northeast Oklahoma because it looks as if the weather is heading your direction. 

 ******UPDATE Large Tornado on the ground in Edmond and Luther, OK, possible F1 & 2 right now****** 

Update (2) Violent tornado possible F4 on the ground in Lincoln County area be careful folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My garden beds are looking washed out a bit.  Some of the seeds have drifted together with all the rain we’ve been having.  If the seeds/plants survive, I will thin them out and hope to have so type of vegetable to harvest in the next few weeks. 

I’ve also noticed the aphids have started eating at my sweet potatoes and luffa plants.  It was time to mix up my natural bug killer and spray these plants down. 
How are your vegetable gardens coming along?  Is the weather causing chaos in your area?


In the next several days, I will be posting another interesting give – away.  Keep checking in to find out what I will be giving away.


  1. Sandy, I just saw the weather report & immediately thought about you & Cranky Puppy. Please stay safe!

  2. I wasn't sure what area you were in but knew the way those storms were twisting it had to be matter what part of the state you were in