Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sense of Humor - Status on Some Garden Items

Even after the tornado, a family across the street from where we were working had a sense of humor.  I love this sign, it’s regarding the tornado that barreled through Moore, Oklahoma.

 Since we’ve been helping families in Moore, I really haven’t paid much attention to my garden until last night. 
My tomatoes are growing.  I have Purple Russians, Dad’s Sunset, and Cherry Red about 2 inches off the ground.

The Big Boston, Rocky Top and Winter Destiny lettuce are about a ½ inch in size and looking good.


My Apollo Arugula is coming in quite well.


The carrots are about the same size as the tomatoes.


The Lacinato Kale is looking pretty good itself, along with the parsnips and fennel.

  Luffa looking good.

And here’s my peppermint.



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  1. Sandy...I am glad you dried up enough to get some things growing. We go from one extreme to another. We now need rain!

    1. Mamma Bear,

      I can send you some of ours. It was storming tonight. Expecting severe weather through Friday.

  2. Sandy
    It's so good of you and your hubby to help out the folks in Moore. It still looks pretty bad on TV.
    It must be thrilling to see all your veggies breaking ground!
    It's been ages since I've lived where you can put tomato seed directly in the ground!

  3. Kimberly,

    Thank you, it's just something we try to do from our hearts to help. It's very bad in person to witness the devastation.

    It's nice to see them grow, I worry we had a late start planting due to the weather. Now the seeds are growing and were getting closer to extreme heat when summer gets here. The drought kills off everything.

  4. Nice!!! I managed to sneak in some garden time today. Suppose to have three or four more days of rain starting tomorrow though.

    You need to keep that stuff down your way dangit :)

    1. PP,

      Glad to hear you were able to sneak garden time today. I want to share the rain but not the tornadoes. Their (weather people) are stating to expect 60 percent chances of tornadoes today.

  5. How wonderful you are able to help in the clean up! Even just being there would be emotional help to the families I'm sure.
    Your sprouts are looking great off to a good start. Here's hoping it stays a bit cool for you to harvest those spring greens!

    1. Katie,

      Thank you! The families were very happy to receive help from all the volunteers.

      I'm hoping it stays cool and doesn't get to in the 100+ degree temperatures anytime soon.

  6. Hey Sandy,
    I heard about the sign in the picture from Moore. At the time it made my heart swell with pride for these good folks. And today.... seeing the actual picture... I'll admit it brought tears to my eyes. Such devastation.

    I wanted to make sure you guys are ok after that storm last night. HOLY COW!!! It was kind of freaky here for a little while. And then the rains came... and came .... and came. We got close to 5 inches here. I had a whole tray of seeds/seedlings started and sitting in the tray. It actually overflowed and I had standing water in the dang individual seed pots. Never seen that one before!

    1. SCI,

      The first day we made it out to the devastation, I was so shocked and upset. The last time I was in so much devastation was hurricane Andrew years ago.

      The storm passed last night shaking the house with the roar of thunder and the high winds. Our one dog is very freaked out, I can't seem to calm her down. Today we are under severe weather watch with 60 percent chance of tornadoes, the same with the Tulsa area. Please be very careful my friend!!!!
      We're to expect all kinds of rain today and tomorrow.