Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Making Massage Oil For Arthiritis

Once again, it’s that time of year to make arthritic massage oil with natural herbs (Ginger Root, Echinacea Herb, St. John’s Wart, Boswellia, Serrata, Cayenne and Olive Oil). When you combined all of these herbs they’re suppose to help with relieving inflammation, fight pain and help with circulation. I could go out and buy each individual herb, instead, I ordered the mixture of herbs directly from The Bulk Herb Store , to save money and time from having to go into town and shop multiple health food stores. 
I pullout a wide mouth pint canning jar, fill it up with 2/3 cup of herbs (listed above) and fill the jar with olive oil, leaving 1 inch space from top.  Seal the jar with the top and ring, tighten by hand, place a wash cloth in the bottom of my crock pot, place the jar with herbs and oil in the center of the crock pot on the wash cloth.  Fill the crock pot with water until the lid to the jar is covered.  Place the crock pot lid on and turn your crock pot on to the low setting.  This oil and herb mixture must brew in your crock pot for 3 straight days.  Remember to check your crock pot continuously throughout the three days to make sure the water level remains over the canning jar lid.  If the level has lowered, add water. Do not use cold water when adding water to the crock pot.  Add warm water to bring the water level back up to above the lid on the jar.

After the 3 days of solid brewing, turn off the crock pot and unplug from the wall.  After letting the crock pot cool down, remove the canning jar.  Take off the ring and pop the sealed lid.  Be careful, sometimes the jar chips when removing the lid.  Now you want to filter the herb oil mixture.  Make sure to remove all the herbs from the oil, use a strainer and cheese cloth or even a coffee filter.  I filter my oil 2 to 3 times to remove as much of the herbs as possible.  Trust me, the person i.e. spouse you’re rubbing this oil on with appreciate a massage without the gritJ .
When removing the jar, you will notice powder substance
on the outside of crock pot and jar.  Also the lid and ring may have
started to rust (discard the ring and lid after done).
Filtering oil one more time
Once totally filtered, jar and label the oil for future use (I also date my oils).  The instructions on where to buy and how to brew this herbal massage oil for arthritis can be found here.


*Source: The Bulk Herb Store



  1. What an excellent post. I have a catalog from the bulk herb store and their prices look really good.

    1. Thank you, yes their prices are very good. I love making salves and oils from their products.

  2. This got my attention! I may have to try this soon. So far my arthritis isn't bothering me badly but DH has sore hands a lot. We assume it is arthritis.

    1. The herbs caught my attention a while back. I had to place an order. I made salve with the herbs the first time for arthiritis too. This time, I decided to do the oil.

  3. Sweet Sandy - i loooooove making oils and salves for various ailments! another great thing for treating arthritis internally, instead of externally, is home-made fish stock and i know that you love yourself some fish! save all fish heads and fish bones in a bag in your freezer for the next several months until the bag is filled. also ask at your grocer or fishmonger if they will save skeletons, tails and heads for you (and guts, if you can get them!). once you have a big bag saved, boil the living crap out of those skeletons and heads until there is almost nothing left! do this at a simmer for about 8 hours. do it outside if possible as it is very, very, very stinky! strain your broth and you will be left with a very powerful fish stock that is super healthy and full of the omegas, chondroitin and glucosamine - all very good for making arthritis disappear! the fish stock will be very thick and strong, thicker and stronger if you boil it down for another hour after straining. pour this stock into ice cube trays. once frozen in the trays, pop the ice cubes out and put in a freezer bag in the freezer. anytime you are making stew, soup, gravy, etc. - pop a fish stock ice cube in it. you won't taste it in the finished product, but all of that goodness will be there! and you can fight arthritis internally, through your food, this way!

    your friend,

    1. Thank you so much for the tip on internally assistance with homemade fish broth for arthiritis. Good to have you back!!!!