Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bowls - Prep - Canning Broth

I’m so excited; I received a package I had been waiting for.  About a week and half ago, I decided to bee bop over to 
 just to window shop.  I came across a category on this site titled Vintage.  I went into Vintage Housewares and came across a bowl set.  Not just a bowl set, this set matched the bowl my grandmother once had.  Before my grandmother passed away, she had this bowl that was cream color with a gold rim and leaves/flower type design.  I remember it from when I was a kid.  This bowl would sit on the table at family dinners with soup or stew in it.  I found the same type of bowl and pattern on this website.  Bulldog Man saw the excitement on my face when I found the bowls and he said “Baby Doll, why don’t you buy those bowls.”  I did, I bought them. The bowls arrived, all in one piece.  When I pull these bowls out of the cabinet to use, I will always feel as if my grandmother is in the kitchen with me cooking.
 Today was a beautiful day to cut the grass. I tackled cutting the front, back and sides early this morning.  I came in, washed up, and started packing and preserving a 5 gallon bucket of rice.  I also pulled out my handy dandy Food Saver, and bagged the remainder of a 30 pound bag of dog food.   I didn’t want an open bag sitting on my kitchen floor.  It prevents an invitation for any bugs. 
Next, it was time to can some beef broth.  The last time I went to the butcher, I ordered 10 pounds of beef bones to process into.  I pulled out my Ball Blue Book and followed the recipe for beef stock; I doubled the recipe.
In a large stock pot, I placed 8 pounds of beef bones, 4 quarts of water, 2 medium onions, 2 carrots, 2 celery stalks, 2 bay leafs and 8 small beef bouillon cubes.   I cooked the broth for 3 hours and removed the bones from the pot, and strained the vegetables out of the broth.  I placed the broth in the refrigerator overnight, making it easier to remove the grease from the broth.  The next day, I pulled out the broth and removed the grease. I placed the broth back into a pot and heated.  In the mean time, I prepared the jars for pressure canning.  I followed the Ball Blue Book instructions for pressure canning.  I processed the beef broth in quart jars for 25 minutes at 10 pounds of pressure. 
Bones and water

Add vegetables and spices

Remove bones and vegetables

Remove grease from bowls

Clean and heat jars
Clean and heat lids
Reheat Broth

Place broth in hot jars and remove air bubbles

Wipe jar clean
Use tool to remove hot lids

Place lid and ring on each jar
Place jars in hot pressure canner

Close pressure canner and bring temperature up, make sure to
release steam for 10 minutes before doing anything else

Put the pressure regulator on the pressure canner
Bring the pressure up to 10 pounds for 25 minutes
After the canner has cooled off, remove your jars, and
place in an area that doesn't have a draft.

Was your day just as busy?



  1. No. But I enjoyed watching your canning demonstration(s)! I have bones & fat & gravy (fat & oil) in the freezer waiting to make broth (beef & pork together). Can't wait to see the beautiful canned goodness.

    p.s. Love the bowls! And, just found out that I have an Estate Sale connection! Friend of a friend helps them out. They are now looking for high end kitchen pots & equipment for me.... wish me luck. If you want anything that you are having a hard time finding, let me know so I can tell them to be on the lookout.

    1. Thank you, it's probably not the best demonstration but hey what can I say, I try :-)
      Girl, you will love making and using your own broth. It's so much better than buying broth in a can or carton. Also, you can use your fat for making soap. Have you thought of that?
      Wow, I love having connections. I may just one day take you up on that. I'm looking for a few items, if I can't find them here, I will e-mail you.
      Speaking of Estate Sales this morning while checking blogger, I'm sitting here dressed and waiting til 7:45 to head out to a yard/estate sale in town. I caught the advertisement on Craigslist. It mentioned diningroom chairs and night stands, a few things we want to change out. Wish me luck.

  2. oh Sweet Sandy - i am soooo happy that you got your bowls that match your Grandma's set - they are beautiful!!!! i just finished making up a giant pot of fish/shellfish stock - i like to freeze it in ice cube trays and then sneak it into everything we eat. i got lots of frozen beef/chicken stock - i used to make each kind - then wondered why i bothered to make 2 kinds??? now i make stock with any kind of bones...and make fish stock with all of the heads, innards, skeletons and shellfish that jambaloney brings home. he still wants to bring you fishing gurl! you need to come for a visit!

    your friend,

    1. Sweet Kymber, Thank you!!!! I'm extremely happy my-self. I love making my own stock. I have to can it though, there is no room in the freezer. Fish stock is great stuff, especially for a persons health. I also have to leave some space in our chest freezer for Bulldog Man. He's going hunting next month, he was picked out of a lottery to hunt for a deer with a friend. I would love to come up there and fish, please tell Jambaloney one of these days in the future I will take him up on that offer to go fishing.
      Your Friend,
      P.S. Give Jam a hug from your friends in Oklahoma

  3. In my more insane moments lately, I've been fantasizing about canning....dabbling in it just to say I've done it. But I see dead bodies on the floor from me doing it wrong. It seems SCARY to me.

    1. It scared me initially but after reading several blogs on canning from the extremely experienced canners and reading the Ball canning book I'm more confident now. Try with something real simple, like a jelly.

  4. I want to can so bad and hunt and, and, and... I have a long I think maybe if I could find time I could do this.

    1. LOL.....that is what you need plenty of time my friend. Remember, you can do anything you set your mind on doing.