Sunday, February 10, 2019

Additional Changes, Garden, Donations

Along side our small orchard, and the fenced in garden area behind the house was 3 cedar trees which needed to be cut down, and a pile of old trees and branches.  All of which needed to turned into pulp and shredded.  Here's a before and after picture.

Before clearing area and chopping trees

Different view of clearing area and chopping trees


We replaced the screen door on the back porch due to wood rot, the door falling apart; and  also because it had a dog door in it allowing access by any wildlife critters.  Mainly raccoons!!!

We added a piece of solid colored corrugated plastic to the bottom of the screen door with

screws to prevent the raccoon (or other critters) from pushing in the screen to get access
to the back porch.  The corrugated plastic also blocks the dog's view from the door, so he can't
see what's just outside the door; to where he barks his _ $$ off, thinking he's got a play companion
waiting for him outside.  Now many of you are going to ask what about the rest of the screened
in porch, won't the dog see the critter.  Actually, he won't, because we put blinds down during the
winter to help with blocking the cold air.  Our dog's  main concern is always 
lunging at that screen door, never the screen on the rest of the porch.  I really think it had a lot
to do with the doggy door.

Speaking of Beans, here are a few cute pictures of my large Chihuahua………..

Have you placed your seed order yet?  I've placed an order with Baker Creek.  This year's
order is a small.  I'm only starting a small garden due to all the work required back down
south with my sister's estate.  I started my celery slips several weeks ago inside the house,
on my kitchen window sill.  There are 4 celery slips growing roots, and small stalks.  I'll keep these
slips in water until it's time to plant them in soil.  I've never had any luck growing celery from seed,
so when I purchase organic celery from the store, I chop the bottoms off the stalks and
place them in water to start slips.  This process has been very successful for me.  When I need celery for a recipe or meal, I just go out to the garden and cut what I need, leaving the root ball in the ground to continue growing and producing.

Some of you are probably going to say, oh what a cute little ladybug!!!  NOT...…….
this is a Chinese Beetle, Harmonia Axyridis.  This beetle has been a royal
pain in the butt in areas of Oklahoma.  When temperatures warm up in the winter,
these beetles swarm.  They love to get into your home through cracks, or any type of 
hole or opening.  They'll land on you while outside, and inevitably they come inside your
home with you.  These beetles will bite you, which is not as bad as an ant bite.  
When you kill them, they stink, and leave an orange liquid which stains furniture, 
curtains, and clothes.
This year, the Chinese Beetle has been a real hinderance.  Many say they're good 
for killing off bugs in your garden.  I don't have a garden yet because it's still
winter.  My thought about the Chinese Beetles, they need to go away......stop harassing humans 
until winter is over!!!


Last weekend, Bulldog Man and I drove back to Texas to pull my sister's truck out of the
garage, wash it inside and out, and drive it to CarMax in order to sell it.  The truck
was a gorgeous Chevrolet High Country, with all the bells and whistles.  We didn't need another
truck, and it was just too fancy for us.  This truck was not the type of truck you wanted to
haul manure in, or use on the farm out in a pasture, if you know what I mean.  CarMax did my sister's
estate well.    

And this weekend............

We drove down once again; this time we donated my sister's furniture, dishes, etc.... to 2 families
in need.  My sister loved helping people out, and I think she would be proud of the decision I made on donating her household goods to help 2 families.


I didn't forget about the give - aways.  Tomorrow, I will be introducing two items in a give - away 
I'm sponsoring.  Keep your eyes peeled!!!


  1. Isn't it so true that there is ALWAYS something that needs doing on a homestead? But you two keep working along and getting things done on a regular basis.

    Your celery starts look so green and healthy. (Beans looks very healthy, too. I bet he loves living in the country on his own piece of land.)

    As for those Chinese Beetles -- ugh. They sound as if they can (and do!) do a lot of damage. Double ugh.

    You've made more progress on tying up ends regarding your sister's estate. How wonderful so many of her things went to help the two families in need. I'm sure you spearheaded that, Sandy.

    1. Mama Pea,
      There's never a dull moment on all of our homesteads, and the work never ends :-)
      Of course, we must, otherwise it won't get done! I know you know exactly what I mean.

      My celery starts love the window sill, I'm looking forward to planting them outside soon. Hopefully, they'll like the soil!!! Oh yes, Beans loves it out here. We still need to keep him on a leash when we walk the property because he's to small to protect himself against the wildlife. In his little brain, I'm sure he thinks he's mister big stuff....LOL!

  2. I had no idea about those ladybug look-alike beetles, but they sound horrible! But I do like the corrugated panel to block the bottom of the door. It looks good. Beans looks like he's full of vinegar. I'm sure he has a lot to bark about!

    Take care in all your traveling. It sounds like you are doing well with your sister's estate. Helping others is a great way to make something positive happen out of such a sad event.

    1. They do look like ladybugs. The only difference, a black "M" on their heads.
      The corrugated panel makes a major difference. Beans is always full of vinegar. He think he's king pup, and barks at the top of the steps while looking around before going down the steps. I believe he feels like he's important....LOL

      I doing really okay with my sister's estate. I'm very thankful to have my loving husband by my side to help me through this time in my life.
      I agree with you my friend, helping others is a great way to make something positive out of a sad event.

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  4. I sure do like your little dog. My dad had a chihuahua like that for more than 10 years. She was devoted to him and I think she added a lot to his quality of life.

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